You Can Work as a Coach in Media

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You're thinking of a career in coaching?  You have an industry specialism in media? 

Read below information on the scope of work, career starting points and progression opportunities! 

How you can transform or progress your media career into the coaching arena...


Coaches may find work in electronic or print media in writing or broadcasting. Books, articles, audio and video recordings are all tools that can be used to help motivate and inform the people being coached. The professional media (e.g. newspapers, TV, radio) may also be important employers of coaches (e.g. sports coaches commenting on sporting events).

Scope of Work

Coaches may work in the media as an adjunct to their coaching work, or may graduate into media work from a career in coaching. Media work can include:

  • Writing materials to be used by coaches - inspirational or informative books, training manuals, rule books
  • News reporting - on events, products, services -for blogs, broadcast media, newsletters, magazines, photography
  • Promotional media - marketing events, services; web sites, advertising copy, broadcast media
  • Developing high tech services - e.g. apps, remote sensing consulting


What You Need to Learn

  • Communication & presentation - body language  skills and succinct communication
  • General writing skills - grammar, punctuation, sentence structure
  • Project management – planning & overseeing projects from beginning to end
  • Media studies – writing, editing, photography, video production, multimedia 
  • General coaching skills - rapport building, focus on solutions, goal setting
  • Marketing - promotions, advertising, sales, turning content into logical and interesting soundbites
  • Research - understanding your subject material, keeping up-to-date with new findings, fact checking
  • Technical skills - understanding IT, computers and software, publishing platforms, printing

Starting a Career

To find work in media, you really need to become established as a coach first, build a reputation, and then start to make forays into media e.g. by volunteering to talk to journalists or to give a 5 minute chat on local radio.  

Getting heard, seen and published is the key to getting started. The first articles you write may be published without payment; and appearances on air or live may be unpaid at first; and even at times later on. Exposure is the way to start though; so seek and pursue opportunities with gusto irrespective of any remuneration.

Successful high level coaches may begin by being asked for their expert opinion on an event (e.g. a sports coach commenting on a sporting event), and that appearance leads to another opportunity. Over time, paid media work can develop to become a significant income for coaches; perhaps greater than what they may earn as a coach.

Progressing a Career

To progress in this industry you must:

  • Engage with the industry - network with people in the media, connect in social media, join professional associations, attend meetings and conferences, volunteer to media charities, make contacts and nurture them
  • Be seen - "gigs" come and go. To continue getting work, you need to be visible even when you don't have a gig; so if need be, appear on shows or write for publishers even when the work is unpaid.
  • Keep learning - study, read, observe and learn. Continually improve yourself, whether formally or informally.



Make a start to improve your life and the lives of others today!


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