Work Culture

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A positive workplace culture prioritises the wellbeing of others, showing empathy in both policies and actions. When you better understand work culture, you have a foundation for managing the motivation of staff, and influencing outcomes in a workplace to achieve better productivity, heightened employee satisfaction, increase staff retention levels and other benefits. 

Workplace culture refers to attitudes that prevail in a business. It refers to how management thinks and acts toward employees, and the attitudes and actions that workers exhibit toward others in the workplace – both fellow workers, management and toward customers.


Using Artificial Intelligence

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We have heard a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) over recent years, and its potential on humanity and the planet. AI is artificial intelligence. Using AI is changing the way we work, live and are entertained.

AI has the ability to change many aspects of human life, and it could lead to massive changes in various industries. Remember, AI is not about replacing humans. Instead, it offers the opportunity for humans to delegate mundane or repetitive tasks and concentrate on tasks that require more creative, human skills.

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Asault is very distressing to those who experience it both from physical and psychological perspectives. It can include assault, sexual assault or threat of assault by a co-worker or by a member of the public. The response will often be varied depending of the specifics of the incident but there should be clear policies and training in the workplace on how to respond to violence. 

Avoiding Toxins at home

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From a scientific point of view, a toxin is a very specific type of poison, one which is produced via living cells. For instance, a poison produced by a spider would be considered a toxin. A manmade poison, on the other hand, would not be considered a toxin.

In the modern world, most people think of toxins in a more general sense, simply as substances which are poisonous to humans and/or animals. They refer to poisons which are produced by living cells as bio toxins or natural toxins.


How Do You Deal with a Violent Person?

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It can be difficult to observe warning signs which predict violence. Case notes, if available, can be helpful and knowledge of any history of violence. Someone who committed a serious violent act in the past is more likely to commit one in the future. An existing psychiatric or medical illness may also increase the likelihood of violence. Other signs include: