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Where Do Your Course Fees Go?

By ACS Distance Education on August 25, 2017 in Education | comments

We allocate most of a student's course fees to supporting their learning. 

This often limits our profile. We don't spend a lot on advertising like some colleges; and we may not be as well known as some; but we are able to give more service and achieve better results by being more responsible iin how we spend your course fees.


You have no doubt heard about Chain of Custody (COC) issues in the many forensic TV shows on our screens. The shows where faulty documentation destroys an otherwise carefully prepared case and the criminal goes free!  So exactly what is a COC?  It is the chronological ‘paper’ trail, showing the collection, transfer, receipt, analysis, storage, and disposal of a sample. At all stages, the sample is in someone’s custody—that person is responsible for it.

The COC is just as important in environmental  and agricultural sciences -the integrity of the sampling, testing and reporting chain is very important


What is Writing?

By ACS Distance Education on March 16, 2017 in Education, Jobs Success & Psychology | comments

Everyone can write- or can they?

The purpose of writing is to communicate from one person to another. If writing does not convey the intended message; it could be argued it fails to be real writing.

Most people write every day - text messages on the phone, emails, and notes to friends, colleagues, family or others. Some of us write more, and some less; but there are few people who don't use writing to communicate -or at least to attempt communication.



Study Science – Get a Job

By ACS Distance Education on February 20, 2017 in Education & Science | comments

If you understand science you have opportunities, but today’s world is driven by the business of providing people with goods and services.

If you can see ways to apply science to provide better goods and services; your knowledge of science will have application, and “applying that science to people’s needs” is where you find prospects for employment, careers or business.


Overcoming Writers Block

By ACS Distance Education on December 23, 2016 in Education | comments

Writing is part of daily life for everyone today. We write texts, emails ans students write assignments. People write reports at work; and some regularly write professionally - web site content, blogs, advertising material, articles and even books.

With writing being so important to us; it can be a disaster when you struggle to find inspiration or motivation to take words out of your head and assemble them well in your writing. Some call this "writers block".