Working with Tools, Equipment and Machinery

This involves working with tools and equipment that are not powered by a motor or engine; and materials used in engineering and construction.

Materials include glues, nails, pipes, timber, metal, plastics

Tools and equipment include - hammers, spades, ladders, wheelbarrows, scaffolding, etc


Work as an Engineer | Know the Options

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Engineering work can overlap with the work of a mechanic or materials technician, but can also be much more. Engineering solutions are generally found in the application of physical sciences to achieve specific needs, perhaps in building or landscape construction, irrigation, energy transmission or something else.


Work in waste management is increasingly technical. This work involves both collection, transport and sorting of waste, then either recycling or "smart" treatment of waste to minimise any environmental impact.


Jobs are increasing in the management of both air and water pollution. These jobs rely on applying new and developing technologies. Work can vary from solutions development to managing pollution control and hands on work such as jobs in water or air filtration. Other professions such as urban development, automotive design, meteorology, flood mitigation and landscaping are also relevant here.


Work as a Scriptwriter

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Scope of Work

Scriptwriters in the educational sector of writing are mostly focused on writing scripts for educational videos, podcasts or films which serve as learning aids. Some may find full-time work in this sector whereas others might do this work as part of another job in writing.