Student Testimonials


Crop Production I BHT112

The course has been excellent at broadening my knowledge of crop production, especially the theory behind soil types, plant types and how to get the best yields. A lot of the research that needs to be done to answer the questions has added a lot of ‘meat onto the bones’. I’ve been really happy with the course, and the tutors and feedback that I have had. I will be willing to recommend the course to any of my friends and colleagues who re looking at doing something in this line. ~ Mark Simpson

Organic Farming BAG305

By having to take the time to research and gain a proper understanding of the course contents I found the course to be a valuable learning experience. ~ Christa Perry

Horse Care II BAG204

I went from negligible knowledge of horses to a new level of basic knowledge. Now, I am truly useful around the stable and farm. I would like to make this my retirement career, following my 30-years as a professional mechanical engineer. It made logical and scholastic sense. I am glad the Feed section was early in the program. As an engineer, it was very detailed and way outside my usual area of expertise. It required, as such, a lot of research on my part. I am thankful the facilities section was last, for I am a facilities designer. ~ 
Harold Davidson

Animal Health Care AG361

I thoroughly enjoyed my course and found it to be most comprehensive and thorough, encompassing all aspects of animal care both domestic and in the farming environments. The course was clearly defined and simple to follow. Tutor's comments most helpful and understanding & constructive. I would recommend a course with A.C.S. to anyone considering undertaking one. ~ Jo


Medicinal Herbs

The Medicinal Herbs course has been an invaluable experience and reference towards doing Naturopathy at University. The tutors are very approachable and informed, the course structure is very well laid out and the enclosed texts and information will be a very useful reference in years to come. Without going to University these courses, in particular Medicinal Herbs, are some of the only other quality information that one can receive at a very reasonable price and a very flexible study structure. ~ Matthew

Turf Management

Thanks for the videos, they are great! I got a lot of information from them. The Turf Management video is practical and easy to understand. Plant Propagation is a video every student should watch because out here in the real world no-one would give out such information. The Rose Growing [video] was very beneficial to me as I have about 60 odd roses. I thought I knew a little about them but this [video] is a real eye-opener. ~ Kelvin

Advanced Hydroponics

Having completed the Advanced Hydroponics Course, I have since gone on to open my own successful hydroponics retail shop, [which is] now in it's third year of trading. ~ Ted, Sydney, NSW

Certificate in Horticulture(Landscaping)

I compliment you on the quality of the course. It has helped me immensely, already, in my job with the local council's parks & gardens department. ~ Lester, QLD

Garden Centre Management

This course was one of the best! ~ Rhonda, NSW

Business & Management

I have realised a lot of potential inside myself after doing this course,I believe I can continue a further advanced course after this, ACS tutors like Miss Rebecca have been very co-operative and honest. I have had a wonderful time. ~ Mustafa Mun

Certificate in Applied Management

I wanted to study herbs but I could not find a course at my closest TAFE, and travelling to Adelaide each day was not practical. ACS offered the best option — study at home, at my own pace and still tutor contact when I needed it. I was undecided in the facet of herbs that I wanted to specialise in - that was until I completed an assignment to produce three herbal products. My tutor tested my products and encouraged me to set up a small business making and distributing a range of natural herbal cosmetic and household products. His guidance has helped me establish an interesting and profitable business from my studies. ~ Catherine, SA

Adv. Certificate in Applied Management (Horses)

My time with ACS has been extremely benficial... and I would recommend the school to anyone seeking to study by Distance Education. ~ Victor, QLD, studying 


I was very satisfied with the service I received from Australian Correspondence Schools when I did my Bookkeeping Course. I emailed my assignments using my login at the ACS site and received them back, marked within a week. The comments of the tutor were comprehensive and helpful. The administrative staff also were very quick to reply to any of my emailed questions. ~ Barbara Kale

Environment and Eco Courses

Environmental Assessment

Doing this course has made me research and pay more attention to environmental assessments. By going through my course work I and completing my assignments I have learnt a lot and even now look at developments in a different way. I am very happy with the way my assignments are being marked. I get them back promptly and with good feedback on what I have submitted. ~ Ryan Cripps

Environmental Waste Management

The "well done" remarks really motivated me to do even better and the answers where some more pointers could be added used to be mentioned whenever required. So it helped me know where I should put in an extra effort. I have the knowledge required to get the basic problems related to waste management solved and help make my city clean. ~ Shweta Pagar

Ecotourism BTR301

It[the course] exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t imagine I could learn that much in such a short time and being able to lead an ecotour and receiving great feedback from the participants. After this course I feel I want to learn more and more about geology, animals and plants and find ways to protect the environment and have the least negative effect as possible in nature on my daily activities. It (the course) gave me a chance to open this door and see if there is something for me related to nature and helping people to appreciate the beauty of this world. I will definitely want to live in nature and from nature hopefully being an ecotour operator. ~ Cesar

Health Sciences

Cell Biology

I was keen to gain knowledge on cell biology as I am studying Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) next year at university. I have gained far more knowledge from this course than I’d expected. I enjoyed this course immensely, I am deeply appreciative for the opportunity to gain this knowledge and for the hospitality and professionalism along the way. Thanks. ~ Jacob

Fitness Leader Certificate

I have been involved in sport all my life and now have an in-depth look behind the scenes so to speak. ~ Judy 

Human Biology

It is very informative and worthwhile. I am glad I started the course. Of the many available from different schools, this offers the best value for money. ~ Sonia, QLD


I found the course to be extremely helpful. It has given me the confidence and skills to present my work to publishers. ~ Dilys, Tasmania

Creative Writing

I commenced the Creative Writing Course with ACS having had no prior experience in this field whatsoever.Having always been in accounting or payroll jobs, I decided to give the course a go.

The course demonstrated to me what I enjoyed writing about, the types of writing I was good at, and not so good at. It broadened my horizon to show me what was out there to write about. It gave me knowledge and confidence.

I have continued to write, and in the future want to commence with the next course, but in the meantime, I have submitted various articles of mine to some magazines and have had nothing but positive feedback from all the editors and some of my work is to be published!! Which I personally feel is fantastic as I have only been doing this for a year or so.

Thank you for opening up a whole new world of creativity to me which I can only enhance upon!" ~ Jo

Freelance Writing

The Freelance Writing course has been one of my most favourite due to the ease & flexibility of correspondence. I have found the staff always helpful and friendly. I appreciated that there were no deadlines and I could complete the work involved when I had time. ~ Janine


Thanks for the tips you gave me on the journalist job... I was given the job of writing an article... the experience was great and at least I will be published for the first time. ~ Gavin, VIC

Learning and Student Services

Clients... that have completed courses with the Australian Correspondence Schools that we have spoken to, have all been extremely happy. Leanne & myself are more than happy with the assistance we received and the prompt attention. ~ Dynamic Workforce Solutions, Sydney, Australia

This is the first correspondence course I have done and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I appreciate everyone's effort in such a professionally-run organisation with seamless administration. The office staff's happy can-do attitude, their fast responses to all queries, tutor Shane Gould's quick turnaround in assignment marking and his supportive and motivational feedback and last but not least, the sound subject guides. Most importantly I hope my thanks and appreciation can be communicated to all the staff who have supported me long the way of my learning! I work full time and study on the weekend but really don't stop thinking about what gardening solution I need in order to answer my assignments every day of the week. Thank you for such a great learning experience and I cant wait to start the second half of my course! ~  Skye

The online courses are very easy to use and follow. Prompt friendly replies from tutor to any queries. Course structure flows freely. Very satisfied with course and results. ~ Diana (completed ACS Online course in Intro to Psych and Psych & Counselling)

I have never found the staff at any other learning institution as supportive as the staff at ACS. This gives one a lot of peace of mind and confidence to go on — at every squeak from my side, you guys have always been there, immediately to sort me out. The feedback on my lessons has always been really good and meaningful and an important source of my learning. Thanks! ~ Student with ACS

During my course of study with A.C.S. I found the staff to be very helpful in every way. They were always prepared to listen and to give me valuable feedback. I found the resources to be very good and once again the staff always there to assist with the appropriate knowledge and guidance needed to help me resource the data for my subjects. Congratulations A.C.S. on being a people friendly college. I commend you on your friendly staff and it is always so nice to find such obliging and friendly office staff on the phone whenever I have a query. ~ Jill

Mr Douglas is a fantastic tutor, I have learnt so much from him. He gave comments that aided in understanding and was always positive and encouraging....makes me feel not so distant. His tutoring made me strive harder. ~ Lisa

I really appreciate Gavin's (tutor) comments and look forward to receiving the feedback from him. ~ Nadine