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Long Term Physiological Affects of Stress

By ACS Distance Education on May 25, 2018 in Animals, Health & Psychology | comments

When someone suffers from chronic stress or the ongoing trauma from a negative life changing event, it is very physically exhausting.

If you imagine your body continuously in a fight or flight response state then it should become obvious that this will quickly drain your physical and emotional resources.

It takes so much energy that our bodies simply cannot maintain this level of alertness indefinitely.    


Principles of good calf rearing

By ACS Distance Education on October 25, 2017 in Animals | comments


Calf rearing is central in both beef and dairy cattle production.

In beef herds, the cow calves and then rears her calf for 6-7 months until it is weaned. She will feed it and keep it out of trouble. The milk is clean and at the correct temperature.


Controlling Fleas

By ACS Distance Education on January 2, 2017 in Animals | comments

How to Control Fleas on your Pets

Fleas are wingless external parasites with mouth parts for biting. They are blood sucking. They have four life stages: eggs, larva, pupa and adult. They can lay up to 20 eggs at once; female adult fleas will lay approximately 500 eggs in their short lives.  The eggs and larvae will stay out of daylight, so when treating for fleas it is important to treated that all crevices and dark areas also.

Read on for some hints on controlling fleas.


Managing Animal Nutrition and Health

By ACS Distance Education on December 21, 2016 in Animals | comments

Full health checks should be completed for any domestic or captive animals regularly to ensure any health issues may be picked up early. 

Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and infections are always a risk for any animal in your care. Detecting and reacting to problems early is always the better than letting an issue go undetected for too long.

It is important to learn to complete a home health check if you are an owner, or work with animals.  Health checks are a way of picking up any injury or illness before it worsens.  You can basically start from the head and work the way down the legs and then to the tail, covering all areas of the body. 


Aquaponics allows you to grow both plants (eg. vegetables) and fish in the same system. It can be operated on a small scale at home to feed a family, or on a large scale as a commercial farm. This is a complicated way of growing though, with significant benefits, but also challenges. You can do a lot more with less land, but you do need more equipment and technical know how.

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