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Understanding a Child's Anxiety

By ACS Distance Education on January 3, 2018 in Health & Psychology | comments

Children do get anxious; commonly more than what adults notice.

Often anxiety issues can be the root cause of other things (eg. bad behaviour, anti social behaviour).

Helping a child, whether as a parent, friend, or professional; often starts with understanding their anxiety.


You have no doubt heard about Chain of Custody (COC) issues in the many forensic TV shows on our screens. The shows where faulty documentation destroys an otherwise carefully prepared case and the criminal goes free!  So exactly what is a COC?  It is the chronological ‘paper’ trail, showing the collection, transfer, receipt, analysis, storage, and disposal of a sample. At all stages, the sample is in someone’s custody—that person is responsible for it.

The COC is just as important in environmental  and agricultural sciences -the integrity of the sampling, testing and reporting chain is very important


Did you hate chemistry at school because it was boring? Daunting?   But now you need to understand environmental chemistry basics for your job?  Have a look at our  new Environmental-Chemistry course which starts at basics and leads you into the fascinating world of chemicals in the environment.  Become familiar with names like POPs (sounds friendly but it isn’t – Persistent Organic Pollutants) and PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons released when fuels or organic matter are burned).Learn the difference between oxygen and ozone. Understand how, what and where chemicals occur in air, water and soil, including the good, the bad, the ugly. 


7 Ways to Test Brain Function

By ACS Distance Education on November 10, 2016 in Health & Psychology | comments

How can we Know What is Happening inside a living human Brain?

Psychologists have developed a range of different ways to study the brain. Our courses in biopsychology and neuropsychology can help you better understand the brain and the ways in which we study brain function.

This is a fascinating area to study, with broader applications than you might realize. It can help anyone better understand people in any context from health professions to welfare, teaching, HR management and beyond.


Simple Solutions to Nutrition are Dangerous

By ACS Distance Education on July 22, 2016 in Food & Health | comments

Depending upon our diet, genetics, lifestyle and possibly other factors; we all absorb nutrients into our bodies and end up with a very different nutritional status to everyone else.

Each of us has blood flowing through our veins with a cocktail of nutrients that varies to the cocktail flowing through the next person.

If you want to improve the cocktail of nutrients in any one individual, you need to understand everything that is unique about that person -what is and is not in their blood; and what is not right in that mix.