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Comfort Food is a Real Thing

By ACS Distance Education on February 12, 2018 in Food & Psychology | comments

Food can really comfort a person suffering from Grief.

A Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Herbert states that food can be restorative, once the initial pain of losing someone is overcome.  "Food is a connective aspect in our lives and they would have probably shared many experiences that would have involved the preparation, shopping for or sharing of food and taste experiences - this can lead to memories which can be triggered in a positive or negative way", she explains.


Understanding a Child's Anxiety

By ACS Distance Education on January 3, 2018 in Health & Psychology | comments

Children do get anxious; commonly more than what adults notice.

Often anxiety issues can be the root cause of other things (eg. bad behaviour, anti social behaviour).

Helping a child, whether as a parent, friend, or professional; often starts with understanding their anxiety.


What is Writing?

By ACS Distance Education on March 16, 2017 in Education, Jobs Success & Psychology | comments

Everyone can write- or can they?

The purpose of writing is to communicate from one person to another. If writing does not convey the intended message; it could be argued it fails to be real writing.

Most people write every day - text messages on the phone, emails, and notes to friends, colleagues, family or others. Some of us write more, and some less; but there are few people who don't use writing to communicate -or at least to attempt communication.



7 Ways to Test Brain Function

By ACS Distance Education on November 10, 2016 in Health & Psychology | comments

How can we Know What is Happening inside a living human Brain?

Psychologists have developed a range of different ways to study the brain. Our courses in biopsychology and neuropsychology can help you better understand the brain and the ways in which we study brain function.

This is a fascinating area to study, with broader applications than you might realize. It can help anyone better understand people in any context from health professions to welfare, teaching, HR management and beyond.


Taking some time out for yourself every day from the daily grind can be a positive experience and help reduce your stress levels. Remember the reason that you are doing the activity- for yourself. If you are looking about and comparing yourself with others or judging your performance, it may not be beneficial to you. Besides increasing your fitness, activities will also increase your endorphins and help you feel good all round. Here are 5 activities that you could try out to reduce stress and make you feel great!