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Another private college goes bust - this time in England.
On the BBC: Private college goes bust ... lecturers' union blamed the "marketisation of education" 
Problems in education are however far more complex than that... education is failing to adapt on many fronts.

  • Technology
  • Regulation
  • Globalisation & Marketplace Diversification

 We are responding (Just this year) - New micro credential learning system, increasing video production (170 videos in 6 months), increased industry engagement, new free automated/interactive careers advice


Work as a Scriptwriter

By ACS Distance Education on April 12, 2019 in Jobs Success | comments

Scope of Work

Scriptwriters in the educational sector of writing are mostly focused on writing scripts for educational videos, podcasts or films which serve as learning aids. Some may find full-time work in this sector whereas others might do this work as part of another job in writing.


Work as a Journalist

By ACS Distance Education on April 12, 2019 in Jobs Success | comments


Journalism has changed a lot in recent years and is not all about newspapers, magazines or news reports on television. Internet and social media have seen news items and  articles presented online. Quality journalism is still highly sought after though.


Managing Staff

By ACS Distance Education on March 19, 2019 in Careers, Education, Jobs Success & Psychology | comments

When a staff member knows more about their industry; they will see more ways of undertaking jobs. Unless they have a good attitude though;  knowledge might not get used.
In today’s fast changing world, knowledge and attitudes change faster than ever.

If you want the best staff, you need to pay attention to staff selection, motivation and education.


Work in Medical Services

By ACS Distance Education on February 5, 2019 in Careers, Health & Jobs Success | comments
Medical services for wellbeing include those provided through hospitals and clinics and can include alternative therapies as well as mainstream ones. Roles can include doctors, dentists, nurses, and a wide range of specialty services.