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Learning - Permanent or Temporary?

By ACS Distance Education on February 26, 2024 in Careers, Education, Jobs Success & Psychology | comments

Learning is a journey that takes time. Seeing something in different contexts, repeatedly will reinforce it in memory.

Seeing it once and never revisiting it is not learning.

When it comes to learning Use it or Loose it - and the best way to learn in the first instance is to use it. 


Challenge Based Learning

By ACS Distance Education on December 20, 2023 in Education & Jobs Success | comments
Challenge based learning has become a trending way to view education. The idea is to provide students with a learning journey built around a series of challenges. We know that people can learn by dealing with and overcoming a challenge. CBL can be a very effective and potent way of learning; and this approach aligns very well with how our school has always developed and delivered education.

Work Culture

By ACS Distance Education on November 16, 2023 in Careers & Jobs Success | comments

A positive workplace culture prioritises the wellbeing of others, showing empathy in both policies and actions. When you better understand work culture, you have a foundation for managing the motivation of staff, and influencing outcomes in a workplace to achieve better productivity, heightened employee satisfaction, increase staff retention levels and other benefits. 

Workplace culture refers to attitudes that prevail in a business. It refers to how management thinks and acts toward employees, and the attitudes and actions that workers exhibit toward others in the workplace – both fellow workers, management and toward customers.

Asault is very distressing to those who experience it both from physical and psychological perspectives. It can include assault, sexual assault or threat of assault by a co-worker or by a member of the public. The response will often be varied depending of the specifics of the incident but there should be clear policies and training in the workplace on how to respond to violence. 

Starting Your Career in Nutrition

By ACS Distance Education on November 27, 2022 in Careers, Food & Jobs Success | comments

You CAN work in Food & Nutrition without having to do years of study. As with any job, the best career path is one that involves small steps.  Start with a short course and a lower level job. Build your knowledge and experience and advance to higher positions. If you are inspired and continue to keep learning, there's nothing stopping you eventually working to the pinnacle of your industry.  In actual fact, the better nutritional scientists are often the ones who take this more considered, step by step approach.