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Working in Construction

By ACS Distance Education on October 26, 2022 in Built Environment | comments

Construction offers diverse employment, career and business opportunities that just are not being met.  Explore the scope and nature of what is possible to enter this industry, or improve your opportunities if already working in construction.

  • There's a lack of skilled workers
  • Even if more people start apprenticeships - who trains them? There just aren't enough quality tradesmen available to provide quality training to new apprentices
  • The quality of traditional apprentice training is questionable -the only way to upskill more people faster is to learn more trade skills some other way
  • Alternative learning (eg. our online courses), provide a better and faster way for more people to learn construction skills better and faster.
It is hard to predict what the world might look like post covid; but we do know that experiences today shape what comes tomorrow. That would suggest the new normal in gardening and every other aspect of our lives will not be anything like the old normal.

Working with Tools, Equipment and Machinery

This involves working with tools and equipment that are not powered by a motor or engine; and materials used in engineering and construction.

Materials include glues, nails, pipes, timber, metal, plastics

Tools and equipment include - hammers, spades, ladders, wheelbarrows, scaffolding, etc


Work as an Engineer | Know the Options

By ACS Distance Education on May 1, 2019 in Built Environment | comments

Engineering work can overlap with the work of a mechanic or materials technician, but can also be much more. Engineering solutions are generally found in the application of physical sciences to achieve specific needs, perhaps in building or landscape construction, irrigation, energy transmission or something else.


Farm Animal Breeding & Trading

By ACS Distance Education on January 30, 2019 in Animals, Built Environment, Careers & Jobs Success | comments
This industry sector is concerned with buying, selling and breeding livestock. Animal suppliers work with farmers and industry to ensure purchase of breeds appropriate to need and environment.