How to Identify Fish

By ACS Distance Education on December 9, 2019 in Animals | comments

Learn to identify fish.

All fish are classified by scientists to be in the phylum Chordata and sub phylum Vertebrata and below that the infraphylum Gnathostomata. These are vertebrates.  The in the Gnathostomata vertebrates have jaws comprised of 2 internal skeletal parts and fins or limbs located just in front of the anus.

There are three major groups of fishes: Cartilaginous (Superclass Chondrichthyes), Primitive Bony Fish (Sarcopterygii) and Bony Fish (Actinopterygii).

Take a look at the video we made that explains this in a lot more depth:


Watching this video will give you a framework to learn more; but to get a really good understanding of identifying fish, you need to learn a lot more beyond that.

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