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Plan A Plan B Plan C
Short Courses (All in Australian Dollars)
Fee Level 1 S1 100 $748 2 x $407
Fee Level 2 S2 100 $748 2 x $407
Fee Level 3 S3 100 $869 2 x $473
Fee Level 4 S4 100 $869 2 x $473
Specialist Award PA 500 $1958 2 x $1078 3 x $781
Certificate CT 600 - 700 $3278 2 x $1727 4 x $924
Advanced Certificate AC 700 - 900 $4257 2 x $2299 3 x $1661

Examinations - Short Courses (modules) - Optional 

Exams are optional for students enrolled in a short course (single module). If a student decides not to undertake the exam for the short course, the school will issue a Letter of Completion at the end of the module.  

To gain an official Statement of Attainment for a module (100 hour course), they exam must be taken at the end of module.  Exam fees apply - see below. 


Examinations - Qualifications - Mandatory 

To be awarded a qualification - that is a Specialist Award, Certificate or Advanced Certificate - successful completion of the exams is required.

Exams should be undertaken on completion of assignments at the end of a module.

Exam fees are due at the time of making exam arrangements with the school and your supervisor. 

Please note that there is a minimum 2-week notice period for booking an exam.


Exam Fees: All examinations carry a $55.00 (inc GST) administration fee for students within Australia and $50 for students residing outside Australia. 



Additional Information

Applications for Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL)

All applications for RPL on Certificates and Advanced Certificates carry an initial processing fee. The minimum fee payable is $100. 

The fee must be paid at the time of submitting the RPL to our Academic Department. Please note the amount paid is DEDUCTED from the total cost of course on enrolling.  Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more. 



Payment Plan Options Explained

ACS Distance Education does not offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plans. We offer extended time-frames for greater flexibility.  


Short Courses (100 hour modules with Fee Codes S1, S2, S3, S4)

Option 1: You can pay once and in-full. This is the cheapest option. 

Option 2: You may pay in 2 installments. The 1st installment is payable when you enrol.  The 2nd installment is due 60 days later. You will be invoiced by our friendly accounts team. 


Specialist Awards

Option 1: You can pay once and in-full. This is the cheapest option. 

Option 2: Pay 1 installment to get started, and a second payment after 60 days. 

Option 3: Pay each stage as you commence it, over a 3-part payment plan.  There are no set time-frames for making these payments so you pay when you are ready to move on.  


Option 1: You can pay once and in-full. This is the cheapest option. 

Option 2: Pay 1 installment to get started, and a second payment when you're ready to commence the second half of the course. 

Option 3: Pay for this course over 4 payments (2 stages)

Stage 1: Pay the 1st installment to get started. Make the 2nd payment 60 days later.

Give yourself as much time as you need to work through your course before moving on. 

Stage 2: Pay the 3rd installment on commencement of stage 2. Make the 4th and final payment 60 days later.



Our friendly team of Enrolment Advisors are here to help. If you want to know more about our fees and charges, please ask! 

Please note all fees are priced here in Australian dollars. If you require a conversion of our fees to another currency, please use the currency converter below. Please note we cannot quote in foreign currencies due to fluctuating exchange rates. 



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