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Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Marketing) VBS001

Study Online to be a Marketing Manager
  • Learn to plan, implement and manage marketing programs
  • Learn to manage staff, financial and other resources
  • Build a network of contacts and experience as you are nurtured by a team of highly qualified and experienced marketing professionals

This is a flexible, relevant course for those wanting to move into supervisory or managerial positions.

It offers core study options (including Office Practice, Management, Business Operations and Marketing Foundations), as well as specialist subjects, which focus on those areas highly applicable to marketing. These are: Sales Management, Advertising & Promotions and Marketing Systems.

In addition, this course offers further specialisation specific to your field of interest, in the form of an Industry Project.


Online Study Course - Enroll in a Marketing Management Qualification today, for home study by e-learning

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Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Small Business) VBS001

Be an Effective Business Manager Study this at home, in your own time, online. This is a flexible, relevant course for those wanting to train to move into supervisory or managerial positions. It offers core study options (including Office Practice, Management, Business Operations and Marketing Foundations), as well as specialist subjects, which focus on those areas highly applicable to small business. These are: Bookkeeping Foundations, Entrepreneurship, and Advertising & Promotions. In addition, this course offers further specialisation specific to your field of interest, in the form of an Industry Project.

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Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Supervision) VBS001

Train to be a Supervisor. This is a flexible, relevant course for those wanting to train to move into supervisory or managerial positions. It offers core study options (including Office Practice, Management, Business Operations and Marketing Foundations), as well as specialist subjects, which focus on those areas highly applicable to supervision and management. These are: Supervision, Motivation, and Personnel Management. In addition, this course offers further specialisation specific to your field of interest, in the form of an Industry Project or work experience.


Online Study Course - Enroll in this qualification today, for home study by e-learning

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Advanced Certificate in Management (Business Professionals) VBS040

Learn to be the best business manager you can be

If you want to be an average business manager; study what the average business student studies, at a mainstream university or college. To be different, unique and flexible in your approach to business though; you need to develop a different mindset and exceptional perspective on business - and that can only come from a school and teachers who are thinking "outside of the box".  ...This course is designed to that end! 

This is an intensive course of study for the discerning business person. It includes a full suite of studies designed to cater to the needs of business professionals. Learn operations and management skills to become a business executive or owner.                

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Advanced Certificate in Sales and Marketing VBS038

Learn to be the best Version of Yourself in the World of Sales & Marketing

Average sales & marketing courses will teach you an average approach to marketing. They can help you toward a secure career, but probably not an exceptional one.

This course has been designed to do far more than that; setting you on a path to achieve far more than just average success in the world of marketing. Learn skills which can be used across a range of workplaces to promote product or service awareness and enhance profitability.                 

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Advertising and Promotions - BBS202

Learn how to get the message out!

  • Write better adverts
  • Conceive, plan and implement promotional campaigns
  • Improve your employability, advance your career, expand your business

In today's world, it is very hard to be seen amidst the flood of advertising on the internet, in publications, TV, radio, etc. Effective advertising and PR needs to make you more visible than everyone else; and that may mean you need to take a different approach. This course is designed as a program to help you firstly understand the marketing world; then assist you in making decisions and developing skills in marketing. It teaches you all the standard things in other advertising courses; BUT more than that... we work hard at getting you to think and act in a different way to everyone else in advertising. To be noticed you need to be non standard; and we believe a non standard course is more likely to bring that sort of result than a standard one.

Learn to analyse a market, target a selected market, write and use effective advertising copy, display products, mount an exhibition or show stand, and plan and manage an appropriate promotional campaign for any product or service, in any industry.

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Bookkeeping Applications BBS203

Be a Great Bookkeeper!

This course is a natural progression from Bookkeeping Foundations.

It covers stock control, budgeting, financial analysis and other issues not covered in Bookkeeping I, and looks at accounting for trading firms, and the differences between recording and reporting. It consists of 10 lessons.


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Bookkeeping Foundations BBS103

Study Bookkeeping online - gain practical skills and knowledge with this extensive foundation course. Bookkeeping can provide you with an interesting, flexible and secure career.   There are almost always jobs advertised for bookkeepers in every city.   Bookkeeping may provide a pathway to extend your career into many other aspects of accounting, finance and business administration.  The choice is yours. This comprehensive course covers everything from keeping a ledger and cash control, to the balance sheet and profit and loss statements.  It provides an extremely solid foundation for:
  • Business owners
  • Administration or accounts employees
  • Anyone seeking a career as a bookkeeper 

Comments from ACS students: "Yes it is [a valuable learning experience], it is challenging and in turn rewarding. I am getting an extensive knowledge of the field and am learning how to apply concepts in an easy way." Brei Huggins, Bookkeeping student. "It is very well organised as an institution, and the courses are well focused." Michaela, Bookkeeping student

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Business Coaching Course BBS304

Learn to be a Business Coach

  • Enhance Prior studies and experience
  • Open up new employment Opportunities
  • Learn to help others with developing and maintaining their businesses
Business coaches are generally those professionals who support their clients in difficulties relating to business. A business coach may start as a life coach, before specialise in business coaching or they may be a business person who then moves into business coaching. A business coach will therefore have many of the same characteristics as a life coach.

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Business Operations VBS006

Learn how a business operates (or should operate).

This course is intended not only for business owners, but also for people working in a business. The course covers vital topics such as finance, financial record keeping, financial management, business planning, mistakes to avoid, and more. This course does overlap with Business Studies and Starting a Small Business, so you should choose to do one or the other, not any two of these.

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Business Planning BBS302

Planning Makes All the Difference! Planning is an integral part of the success of a business. In every business, there are certain things that should be planned for, using systematic, proven methods. This course will help you to develop a better capacity to plan, and in turn, develop a better capacity to successfully manage a business.


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Business Storytelling BWR207

Learn to Communicate Better
  • with employees, colleagues, staff
  • with clients

through storytelling

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Business Studies

Establishing and managing a small business, or a department within a larger business, requires knowledge and skill. As well as teaching you 'the basics', this course will teach you to develop and implement procedures that work as controlling mechanisms which can sometimes deal with problems automatically as they arise. You will learn to evaluate performance and implement appropriate responses, whether the business activity is small or large.


  • Job security is fast becoming a myth....unless you are in your own business (consider... in 2010, the UK government sacked 20% of public servants, unemployment soared across the developed world throughout 2009/10, Over recent decades, jobs have become increasingly mechanised)
  • Tomorrows world is one of enterprises that employ fewer people, apply technology better, and do lots more with smaller work forces.
  • You have a choice: learn about business, connect with the future and secure your opportunities; or leave your future to chance


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Certificate in Dispute Resolution VPS025

This course is designed for people interested in working to resolve conflict and disputes with others. It is ideal for people who work in HR management, counseling, youth work or management levels in any field. It can work for employers, managers, union representatives and officials, team supervisors and industrial relations experts.

Are you keen to move into dispute resolution within your current role on an upwards or to the side move within the business? Do you work in a one to one environment and need to understand conflict and how to handle it effectively.

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Certificate in Frontline Management VBS021

Management is an essential part of any business, no matter how large or small. To be successful in business, you need to have excellent management. Depending on the size of the organisation managers may have specific roles in an area of the organisation, or they may oversee more than one, or all of the business. Either way, there is a need in every business for at least one person to be responsible for managing the frontline of the business.    This course will teach you a range of important and applicable skills to use in your frontline management role, or to help you achieve a management role. It will also help the small business owner to develop an important set of skills to run a successful business. 

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Certificate in Legal Practice VBS016

Work in legal office, support service, or para legal job.

The legal and crime prevention industries are huge; and only a small proportion of people who work in these professions are lawyers. Everyone working in these industries still needs to understand legal language; have good communication and organisational skills and be able to interact with and support the overall purpose of the organisation they work in; whether a legal office, police, jail, court, security firm; or something else.

This course has been developed to build knowledge and skills that are valuable for support staff in all of these types of organisations.


Online Study Course - Enroll in this qualification today, for home study by e-learning

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Certificate in Management VBS004

An Ideal Adjunct to any other qualification.

If you are qualified and experienced in any industry, but lack the knowledge of management to move your career to the next stage -this may be the course for you.

This is a certificate course in management comprising of 6 modules management, Project Management, Motivation, Supervision 1 , Industrial Psychology and Conflict management.

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Certificate in Small Business VBS017

Develop a foundation for business success, by learning to assess, analyze and improve operations in this "real life situation". Learn to understand all aspects of business from finance to personnel management; and develop your networking, communication and enterepeneurial abilities.

Internationally accredited by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council

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Certificate in Web Based Marketing

Learn to promote and sell goods and services using the internet.

The internet has changed the face of marketing world wide. Many businesses have been struggling to adapt. Some have down sized, others collapsed.

Others who have seen technology as an opportunity, rather than a problem have adapted and thrived.

This course lays the foundation for a fresh approach to marketing, where opportunities are plentiful.

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Change Management SGB10

Depending on the type of business you work in, changes can be . Some examples for the most common changes are introducing new systems or procedures, altering processes, changes to leadership, and changes in the physical environment. Although the idea of introducing change can seem reasonably simple, such as using a new training process when bringing on a new hire, or changing software used, the full implementation of changes requires a set of tools to ensure changes are not only adopted but effective. When implementing change, a rigid approach can create unnecessary tension and fear; employees are afraid of making errors, afraid to speak up about confusion, and afraid to offer feedback. Ethics also can be central to effective change management and is especially relevant when managing a successful change that is supported by both management and the general staff. The way in which people respond to change may have an impact on how successful that change is.

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Cyber Security VIT103

Learn to protect commercial and private electronic information by better understanding the potential risks and the options for protection against cyber attacks.

This course has been developed as a response to these issues, and is a very useful professional; development program in any industry.

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Entrepreneurship BBS204

FIND OUT WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR! Learn how to develop the entrepreneur in you! Learn to be more innovative in business. Figure out how to find opportunities and develop them! 

This course aims to increase your chances of business success by enhancing your ability to apply entrepreneurial principles to business.

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Ethics BPS217

Ethics is increasingly important across every aspect of our lives.

Rapid change and development is causing questions of an ethical nature to be raised more frequently than ever; in every corner of life from business and politics to the environment and health care.

Learn online about ethical practices for science, health, business, the environment and more.

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Event Management BRE209


  Whether you want to start you own event management business or become an event manager for someone else, this course will give you the foundation you need. Learn how to manage a variety of different types of events, the resources involved, marketing, risk management, financial management and project logistics. Be it a gallery opening, a festival, an exhibition, or a sporting event, this course will empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. These skills can be applied to many and varied areas, such as sports, business, education, community work, motivational speaking, and the arts. Student Comment Very impressive, helpful, and I am comfortable because I can do it at my own pace. Karina – studying Event Management

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Financial Management BBS104

Stop being a slave to money, and learn how to make it work for you! This is a course about how to accumulate, borrow, spend, invest, reduce costs and save money.

Although some people seem to have an intuitive ability with money, and everything they touch turns to gold, the chances are, they have a solid foundation of knowledge behind them. Learning is especially important if finances aren't your strong suite! If you are one of these people, you may need to take a much more conscious approach to handling money. Take this course to improve your ability to make the right decisions about managing finances, and watch your financial life flourish!

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Industry Project BIP000

An Industry Project is a requirement for some Certificates, Diplomas and other Qualifications.

  • The Industry Project is designed to encourage and develop networking, practical skills and industry awareness.
  • There are various ways that the requirement can be satisfied and it can be completed from wherever you live in the world.

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Internet Marketing BIT204

Study internet marketing online including social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising, selling techniques using Adwords, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, wordpress and pinterest.

You can start straight away!

There are 8 lessons in this module as follows:

1. Scope and Nature of Social Media 2. The Psychology of Internet Marketing 3. Social Media Applications 4. Websites, Advertising and Other Applications 5. Capturing and converting customers 6. Creating and Using Content 7. Blogs and Newsletters 8. Developing an Internet Marketing Program (PBL Project).

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Leadership BBS110

Be a more Effective Leader at Work

Leaders are found and needed in all areas of daily life wherever people function as a group - in the workplace, in school, in social clubs and in government. Good leadership enhances the effectiveness of group, improves efficiency, increases the likelihood of success and results in a higher level of satisfaction for all concerned.

  • This course provides valuable training for developing and improving leadership skills for any situation; whether in the workplace or elsewhere.
  • Start at any time.
  • Study with the guidance and support of our expert tutors.

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Legal Terminology BRW108

Learn to Understand, Interpret and Use Legal Language

Legal systems elaborate rights and responsibilities in a variety of ways. A general distinction can be made between civil law jurisdictions, which codify their laws, and common law systems, where judge made law are not codified. In some countries, religion still informs the law e.g. Islam.

Businesses need to operate withing the law, and an understanding of the law and the language of the law is critical for any businessman.

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Logistics BBS212

Learn more about Logistics

Ensure more reliable organisation of production, storage, transport and stocking of goods to meet demand as and when it occurs.

Understand the flow of resources within any enterprise, and how that flow can be managed for greater efficiency and sustainability

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Management 1500 hours Learning Bundle

Study, Learn and Work in Management
  • Open Learning Course -flexible, self paced
  • Lots of options to specialize
  • Start with a single module if you prefer, then transfer into this learning bundle after you are sure this is where you want to study
  • Opportunity for personal mentoring from international experts based in both Australia and the UK -providing a unique international flavour to your education

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Management 2100 hour Learning Bundle

Learn to be more than just an Ordinary Manager

Ordinary managers study ordinary courses and learn to manage in ordinary situations. 

Exceptional managers study things that are not found in most other courses. They learn to think outside of the box and find solutions that are a little more innovative and different. They sometimes make more mistakes; because they try things that others might not even try; but we learn from our mistakes, and ultimately, the best managers come grow from education and experience which is beyond the norm. 

This course is experiential learning (beyond the norm); uses problem based learning projects (not found in most mainstream courses), and encourages lateral thinking, engagement with industry and networking skills. This course is designed to help you toward being more than an "ordinary" manager.

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Management VBS105

BECOME A GREAT MANAGER AND GET RESULTS! Managers are common - good managers are not.

Good management can strongly affect the viability of a company, and improve everything from productivity to worker satisfaction and profitability. This course provides a wonderful foundation for increasing your capacity to manage in any situation - be it within your own business, another persons business, or a government department.

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Managing Change BBS211

Learn to Manage Change for
  • Business
  • Organisations
  • Work

Understand the options for responding to change.  Prepare ahead of time for change within businesses and workplaces, from internal or external forces. Deal with the unexpected to future proof and increase long term sustainability. 

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Managing Innovation BBS209

Learn to be Innovative and Manage Innovation in a Business
  • Develop better products and services
  • Understand the techniques and processes

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Marketing Foundations VBS109

Without Customers a business is just a Stack of Products that Never Moves Marketing is the cornerstone of most modern businesses. Lack of marketing knowledge is frequently the reason why a good business concept does not succeed. This course deals with all aspects of marketing from presentation and packaging, to advertizing and selling, developing in you an acute awareness of what is needed to achieve and maintain a good market share

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Marketing Systems BBS303

How do products get from the maker to the customer?

There's more to it than what you might think

This course is designed as a program to help you firstly understand the marketing world; then assist you in making a decisions and developing skills in marketing. Emphasis is placed on profitability and efficiency!

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Motivation VBS111

Study Motivation by distance learning - drive the success of your business with motivated employees

  • Learn to get the best out of your employees by understanding more about this fascinating subject.

Motivation is very simply, a process or mechanism that causes us to act or think in a certain way. It is a general term for any part of the hypothetical psychological process that involves experiencing needs and drives, and the behaviour that leads to the goal that satisfies them.

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Office Practices VBS102

Gain the skills and knowledge for working in a modern office.

Office work has been revolutionised in recent years by technological developments, and to give yourself the best chance of securing well paid office work, you have to keep pace!

  • Study the nature and scope of the modern office.
  • Learn about equipment and procedures
  • Studying Office Practices aims to provide solid foundation for improving your performance in any capacity - from office manager to trainee administration assistant.

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Operations Management VBS201

Efficient Business Administration = More profit

Most businesses can improve their bottom line. A good Operations Manager sees both the broad picture of a business - the economy, competition, and internal processes, and also the minutiae of the day to day functions. Do you want to learn these skills? Are you about to launch a new business? Do you have a business idea and need to learn more about the processes of the business? Are you moving upwards in your current workplace and need to develop skills of managing the business operations? Perhaps you'd like to broaden your skill set for getting that CV out there!

Business Operations provides absolutely essential knowledge on how most businesses operate and understanding how their functions are interrelated to other competitors and the economic environment overall. Learn more and confidently lead the operations of the business you work in. Enrol whenever you like, and work through the course at your own pace. Earning while you learn makes this a practical, affordable way to up-skill.

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Personnel Management VBS107 (Organising, Managing, Controlling Staff)

Develop your ability to manage personnel in any workplace, small or large.

Improve skills in recruitment, work planning, training, controlling and more. Emphasis is placed on knowledge and methods that will improve workplace morale and productivity.

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Professional Consulting BBS301

Learn Professional Consulting Practices

A consultant is someone with expertise in a particular area who offers advice to others.

A consultant may be regarded as having expert knowledge because what they specialise in is beyond the scope of most people’s awareness. Usually, a consultant is employed on a temporary basis until a particular task has been completed. They are needed because there is no-one within a company or institution with the type of knowledge which is sought.

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Project Management - BBS201


This flexible, informative course will teach and develop skills in project management that will give you an edge! Project management skills are a valuable asset which can be applied to all industries, in all situations. This course is just as relevant to a construction project as it is to managing a new product launch. It is best suited to someone who has some prior experience or training in management, but is also useful as an adjunct to management studies.

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Remote Work Management BBS210

Plan, prepare and manage working remotely home, when travelling, while attending events, at off site locations

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Sales Management BBS102

Sales managers don't just sell things: they manage sales

They not only develop and implement sales strategies, they manage sales people, develop and oversee the implementation of procedures and processes, keep sales records, analyze sales results, report on sales to senior management, and more.

If you're interested in becoming a sales manager, this course is a valuable addition to your skill set. It offers great value for money, and has been developed by experienced professionals who are still active in their fields.

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Sales Skills VBS108

Discover the art of selling and release the salesperson within.  This course takes the mystery out of getting a sale, and closing it!  Whether you are working in a shop or as a travelling salesperson, this course will give you the techniques you need to turn your efforts into a successful career.  This informative twelve lesson course develops skills in selling. Learn about sales presentation, communication skills, buyer analysis & motivation, decision making, problem solving, knowing your product, opening & closing a sale, sales reports, & more.

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Security Management BBS207

Security management for property and personal safety - online training for this essential aspect of management in any business, commercial or private situation.

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Starting a Small Business VBS101

BE YOUR OWN BOSS!  START UP YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Not only will you learn how to run a business, but under the guidance of a professional business expert, you'll plan and initiate development of a business venture.  In the first part of the course, you learn about how to run a business. The second part involves either you starting a business (this may be very small, or larger), or reviewing the running of an established business. Over several lessons, your tutor will guide you through several stages which assess, analyze and improve operations in this "real life situation".

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Strategic Management BBS207

Learn Strategic Management to more effectively manage:
  • Businesses and organisations
  • People, places, things, events
  • Finance, resources, and more

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Supervision 1 VBS104

This is a very sound foundation course in the theory and practice of supervision, relevant to those working as supervisors, and those wanting to move into a supervisory role. Learn to recruit and train new staff, plan work, motivate staff, solve problems systematically, implement disciplinary procedures, maintain a safe workplace, use worker participation as a supervisory tool, and more.

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Time Management BBS208

Learn to organise and use your time more effectively
  • at home, at work and in your leisure.
  • learn techniques and tools that can make a difference.

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Workplace Health and Safety VBS103

Learn to recognise potentially dangerous situations, and avoid litigation, work disruption, and significant, unnecessary costs. By identifying risks and either avoiding them or preparing contingencies to deal with them, a workplace can reduce the frequency of accidents greatly minimize any problems when one does occur. ACS student comment: "Yes [I find the course valuable], because it is opening my eyes further to what I am studying and making me look for info and answers on the internet rather than being spoon fed info from the course notes. The feed back from the tutor is great and is very encouraging and the marking time frame very efficient." Paula Farrell, Australia, Workplace Health and Safety course.

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