Time Management BBS208

Learn to Better Manage Time

  • At Work
  • At Play
  • At home

When you know how, you can make a difference, get more done, and get it done better.

Course Content

This course is divided into eight lessons:

  1. Nature and Scope of Time Management
  2. Obstacles to Time Management
  3. Time Management Strategies
  4. Time Management Assessment Tools
  5. Prioritising Time
  6. Maintaining Productivity
  7. Effective Delegation
  8. Other Time Management Tools

Course Duration   100 hours, self paced.


Better time management at work makes for a happier workforce, happer customers, increased productivity, improved and sustainability. There really isn't very much that cannot be improved by managing time better.

There is nothing more frustrating than workdays where you spend lots of time on tasks but at the end of the day you have achieved very little. Being unproductive not only adds to the pressure of getting things done, but it can also be demoralising. When people feel they have less control, and are less able to influence outcomes, there is less incentive to do the task. On the flipside, when you do successfully complete tasks on time, there is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. 

Good time management at work also helps you produce better quality work. This can be attained through prioritising your daily work tasks. If you organise what you need to do into levels of importance, you can focus more on those tasks which are most crucial leading to a higher standard of work. Since you are working more efficiently, you will also meet deadlines far easier which means you can spend more time thinking about things and planning your activities. Some other possible outcomes from failing to meet deadlines include appearing to be unprofessional, getting a bad reputation, being considered unreliable, and possibly financial penalties like loss of pay or withdrawal of contracts, or even being fired.

When managers and staff manage their time better, they can also make clearer and better decisions. If you leave everything to the last minute and then must decide, the chances are it will not be as well considered than if you did not have to rush it. Approaching decision-making in a calm state of mind is far better. 

When you manage time better there is less chance that you are going to put things off. Procrastinating can make your work pile build up so that it becomes difficult to figure out what to do next. 

Another follow-on effect of being better organised in your work life is that you will take less work home and will not need to work longer hours than is necessary. This means you can spend more time at home doing the things you enjoy. 



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