Cyber Security VIT103

Learn to protect commercial and private electronic information by better understanding the potential risks and the options for protection against cyber attacks.

  • Cyber security has become a critical issue in every corner of modern society.
  • Risk is higher than ever, for our privacy to be compromised both at work and in our private lives; and the importance of stronger control over your electronic data has become more critical than ever.
  • Self paced 100 hour study program
  • Excellent CPD for any inductry

This course has been developed as a response to these issues, and is a very useful professional; development program in any industry.


This course has eleven lessons:

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security and cyber attacks/defences

  2. Vulnerability Assessment 

  3. Securing the facilities and networks

  4. Securing your online digital footprint

  5. Internet Security and Digital Certificates

  6. Wireless Network Vulnerabilities, Attacks and Security

  7. Firewalls, IDS and IPS

  8. Cryptography

  9. Access Control and Authentication

  10. Cyber attack Disaster Recovery strategies

  11. Ongoing Security Management

Course Duration - 100 hours of self paced learning



The goal of defence in cyber security does not mean that your system will never be able to be penetrated, but it does give less chance of it happening and minimizing the risk. The concept is that you should have more than one type of defence in place to prevent compromise by an attack. Because there are many different ways a system can be exploited, having more than one type of tool to protect your system can cover the flaws of the others.

There are several layers of security which need to be addressed in order to protect your system. For example, your computer system can have anti-virus software that may be able to stop most malware being put onto the computer itself. However what about protecting the network so that the malware never has a chance to reach the computer? This is the concept of a layered approach. There is also application security, i.e., making changes to programs on your computer to make sure it has less chance of opening up a way of entering they system via the application, e.g. SSL, certificates etc. Combining several different mechanisms to prevent intrusion is the best way of defending your data.

Layered defence is also about preventing intrusion, detection of intrusion and then a response to that intrusion.

Physical Security

Making sure that access to the computer systems themselves is not easy. For example, letting people come into the room where your system is kept allows direct access. Direct access to the network can make a system more vulnerable because it circumvents much network security. Locking doors and preventing physical access is important.

Software and Operating System Security

Having strong passwords to unlock the computer and personal identification methods of accessing the computer can help prevent unwanted users logging into the system. Securing any backdoors or flaws in the operating system and software to prevent easy access will help minimize access to unintended users. Encrypt sensitive information that is stored, and have offsite and off network backups of data.

Network Security

Using firewalls, blocking ports and certificates are some of the ways in which the network can be secured against access. This is usually the first line of defence in home and business when your computer is connected to the internet or a network. If the attacker cannot gain access to your network, they cannot start to try and access the machines on the network.



  • Anyone working in IT who has not formally studied cyber security
  • Anyone using a computer, mobile or other vulnerable device -whether at home, work, or anywhere else
  • Students, business owners, managers
  • Computer programmers, retailers, technicians

The scope of people who may be seriously vulnerable to cyber attack, is so far reaching today, that almost everyone can benefit from this course.



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