Advanced Certificate in Management (Business Professionals) VBS040

Most people work in Businesses -

but few achieve their full potential.

  • This course is different - successful business managers need to be different
  • This course is unique - businesses thrive on being unique
  • This course is flexible - flexibility is essential in today's rapidly changing business environment.

If you want to be an average business manager, study what the average business student studies, at a mainstream university or college.

To be different, unique and flexible in your approach to business though; you need to develop a different mindset and exceptional perspective on business - and that can only come from a school and teachers who are "outside of the box".  


Core Modules

  • Business Studies BBS101
  • Research Project BGN102
  • Marketing Foundations VBS109
  • Bookkeeping Foundations BBS103
  • Industry Project (see below) or Workshop I BGN103

Choose 4 electives from the following:

  • Internet Marketing BIT204
  • Business Operations VBS0006
  • Operations Management VBS201
  • Personnel Management VBS107
  • Advertising and Promoting BBS202
  • Financial (Money) Management BBS104
  • Project Management BBS201
  • Information Security Management VIT203
  • Business Planning BBS302
  • Sales Management BBS102
  • Sales Skills VBS108
  • Marketing Psychology BPS107
  • Entrepreneurship BBS204
  • Industrial Psychology BPS103
  • Conflict Management BPS201
  • Supervision VBS104
  • E-commerce BIT100
  • Business Coaching BBS304
  • Professional Practice for Consultants BBS301
  • Legal Terminology BWR108
  • Bookkeeping Applications BBS203 


Different individual managers and different organisations and companies will give different levels of emphasis to different components - some are holistic, others are more focused on profit, yet others are more concerned about the collective good of building community capacity.  One manager will give a very high priority to care for their staff; while another cares far more for the business or their own profile and career progression within the business/organisation.
Theories on management and methods have changed through history, with different theorists emphasising a range of aspects of leaders in the field. Background knowledge of management theory assists managers in their work, approaches and perspectives. You can learn from the experiences of others and be flexible in incorporating a blend of your own ideas, and the ideas of management theorists in your management situation. Some of the leaders over time have included Fayol, Mayo and Hawthorne, Taylor, Webber, Tom Peters, Eminent psychologist Maslow, and Edward de Bono.

Recent theories include the Contingency theory, Systems theory and Chaos theory. Contingency theory is based on managers looking at all the aspects of the current situation and making a decision based on all those key aspects and developing a leadership style to suit the situation.  The Systems theory looks at inputs, processes, outcomes and outputs - and how change in one affects the others and how they are intermeshed in the big picture goal or outcome success. The Chaos theory is concerned with complex and unpredictable results - changing one aspect will alter the others as they are all interrelated in systems that are sensitive to their initial conditions.  Very small occurrences, changes, or points not considered can produce unpredictable sometimes drastic results, triggering a series of increasingly significant effects.

Management is an art that requires experience and knowledge. Trial and error - applying concepts and learning from it - is one of the best ways to develop management skills.

Scope of Management

There are many different types of managers. In small organisations a manager may need to be a jack of all trades, managing every aspect of the enterprise. In larger organisations management tasks may be broken up and assigned to a series of different people - often assistant managers as well - each having a different, well defined scope of management tasks.

Some of the different types of managers you might find could be:

  • Small Business Manager
  • Corporate Manager
  • Area manager
  • Administration manager
  • Project Manager
  • Governance and policies manager
  • Personnel Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Management Coach
  • Financial Manager
  • Fundraising  and Public relations Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Supply Manager
  • Records management

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