Business Coaching Course BBS304

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Business coaches are results-oriented consultants who help clients recognise and overcome barriers to growth and development. Just like sports coaches, business coaches accurately assess a client’s aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals in order to arrive at a program that is specifically tailored to the individual.

In this course, you'll learn how to assess your clients and their plans, help set up healthy habits, and start your new business journey.

Course Duration: 100 hours

Course Structure

There are 8 lessons in this course.

  1. Nature and Scope of Business Coaching
    • Nature of Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Sports Coaching
    • Terminology
    • Why People Use Business Coaches
    • Case Studies
    • Business Failure or Success
  2. The Initial Consultation
    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Goal Centred Approach
    • Reality based approach
    • Motivational Approach
    • First Contact
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Replace Negative with Positive Habits
    • Monitor and Evaluate Progress
    • Closing
    • Case Studies
  3. Considering Alternative Actions
    • Developing a Business Plan
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Formal Documentation
    • Operational Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Operational Planning
    • Components of a Business Plan
    • Implementing Ideas
    • Changing Behaviour
    • Looking after long term Viability
    • Partial Sell Offs
    • Restructuring
    • R & D
    • Changing Products and Services
    • Buying a New Business
    • Staff
    • Selling or Winding Down
    • Case Studies
  4. Improving Productivity
    • Quality Circles
    • Cause and Effect Diagrams
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Brainstorming
    • Motivation
    • Internal and Intrinsic Incentives
    • Incentives External to Working Environment
    • Social Reinforcers as Incentives
    • Tangible Rewards
    • Case Studies
  5. Marketing
    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Starting out in Business
    • Making Contact
    • Controlling Growth
    • Improving Results
  6. Building Better Staff
    • Staff recruitment
    • Team building and Team Management
    • Staff development and Training
  7. Improving Resource Management
    • BRM (Business Resource Management)
    • Stress Management
    • Case Studies
  8. Putting it all into Practice
    • PBL Based Project
    • Significance of knowledge of interviewing and assessment
    • Incentives and motivational strategies
    • Productivity and marketing strategies
    • Theoretical information to derive sensible solutions
    • Initial business coaching assessment for a specified business
    • Actions for improving and sustaining the level of performance

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Why People Engage a Business Coach

Being a manager or business owner can be a lonely job at times. So a business coach can be there as a sounding board and confidant to help the business person to voice their issues and then help the person to find solutions to their problems effectively and quickly.

Business coaching is generally considered to be a good method of intervention to improve a business or the way the business person works.

Good business coaching is:
  • time efficient
  • effective
  • individually tailored to the person’s requirements
  • outcome focussed

Any business can use a business coach as a resource to obtain better performance, satisfaction and learning. By understanding the work processes involved in a business, a business coach can help the business person to prepare a business coaching schedule to help the client most effectively.

The client and coach work together in a partnership. Coaching is not there to help a person with their psychological issues; it is to help clients to improve their learning and performance and also to improve their quality of life.

Business coaching mainly focuses on the here and now and the future. Although occasionally, they may look at a business person’s past if it is relevant to how things are working now.

Coaches may offer opinions, advice and suggestions, but the final decision on whether to go ahead with the suggestions are the client’s.

A business coach doesn’t necessarily have to have a specific knowledge of the industry concerned. The coach is there to help the client to promote their awareness and choice of actions, rather than evaluating the company. Coaching can look at a range of issues from professional to personal.

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