Advanced Certificate in Sales and Marketing VBS038

Learn to be the best Version of Yourself in the World of Sales & Marketing

Average marketing courses will teach you an average approach to marketing. They can help you toward a secure career, but probably not an exceptional one.

This course has been designed to do far more than that; setting you on a path to achieve far more than just average success in the world of marketing. Learn skills which can be used across a range of workplaces to promote product or service awareness and enhance profitability.  

Become an Asset to any Business

Every business or organisation needs to promote its products or services. They all rely on sales or funding to survive.

This intensive course of study in sales and marketing equips students with a valuable skillset which can be adapted to any work environment. Find out how to successfully promote what your company or organisation has to offer and how to enhance profitability through increased sales and revenue.

What is the Purpose of Marketing?

All businesses have to sell products or services.

Products include an array of goods which range from non-durable goods like food and beverages through to durable goods such as computers, clothing, houses and cars. Wholesale businesses sell products to other businesses.

Some businesses focus on selling services. Services can include marketing, advertising, or even cleaning.  Nowadays, technology plays a bigger role in this sector particularly with the advent of online retail and computer software designed to improve the efficiency of businesses.

Marketing professionals are employed to ensure customers are aware and have a positive attitude toward the business, and to facilitate sales of products or services in the best possible way. They need to be good at communication, well organised and love to think of new ideas. Marketing managers also need to have management skills and be able to motivate and lead a marketing team.

There can also a lot of tight deadlines in the marketing world, so it is important to be able to work under pressure.

Good Marketing turns Products and Services into Dreams!

Buyers buy things every day, things they need to live, and other things they want. Any ordinary marketing professional can communicate what is on offer, and hope the customers buy. Such an approach is at best uninspiring and at worst unsuccessful.

A really good marketing professional knows how to inspire; and how to turn an ordinary product or service into a customers dream. 

Do this course and learn to sell dreams rather than just products and services.


Fifteen modules need to be completed. Each module involves 100 hours of study. 
You are required to complete six core modules and three elective modules.

Core Modules

  • Marketing Foundations
  • Business Studies
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Sales Skills
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Systems

Elective Modules (choose three)

  • Bookkeeping Foundations
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Project Management
  • Statistics
  • Industry Project I
  • Business Studies
  • E commerce
  • Research Project I
  • Motivation
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Leadership
  • Event Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Photoshop (Beginner to Medium Level)
  • Business Planning
  • Professional Practice For Consultants
  • Publishing I
  • Industry Project II


The type of work involved will vary depending on the job, size of the organisation and size of the team you work with.
Marketing managers may be involved in some or all of the following tasks as part of the job:

  • Planning marketing campaigns
  • Managing budgets
  • Making sure budgets are kept to
  • Analysing market trends
  • Designing strategies for marketing on social media.
  • Attending trade shows and conferences
  • Sales meetings
  • Market research
  • Direct selling
  • Identifying target markets
  • Designing marketing to appeal to particular markets
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Arranging brochure, poster and marketing materials to be printed and produced
  • Making sure deadlines are met
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Managing a team of marketing staff    

Marketing professionals need to be creative, proactive and well organised. If they are, their chances of career success are greatly enhanced.

Marketing management offers you the opportunity to work in a fast based, creative and interesting job, where you can see the results of your work.

There are many opportunities in marketing as businesses, charities, governments, and most organisations use marketing staff to publicise their products and services. Even if they are not trying to sell something, they will be trying to let the public know. For example, a charity may try to encourage donations by using marketing.

With the internet, there are more and more marketing opportunities, besides posters, TV adverts and newspaper and magazine adverts, there are also almost limitless opportunities for marketing online and on social media.

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