Writing / Journalism Courses

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Publishing And Journalism) VBS001

Learn to Manage a Publishing Enterprise Start your own Publishing Business

Study both publishing and management modules, and then complete the course with industry related learning - either through work experience or other practically oriented learning experienced.

There are four core units (ie. Management, Office Practices, Business Operations and Marketing Foundations); three stream units covering publishing and writing and a workplace project on the publishing industry. Professional writing skills are nurtured and developed throughout the course. Writers are both employed (eg. by publishers and advertising companies), and work freelance. The publishing industry is much more than just writing. It employs editors, graphics technicians, photographers, artists, salesmen, clerks and managers. Learn about the whole industry; and lay a foundation to develop more specialised skills.

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Advanced Certificate in Commercial Writing & Editing VWR024

Learn to Write and Edit Commercially

The more you learn about the writing industry, the more opportunities you become aware of and the better prepared you are to take up those opportunities.

Steadily improve your capacity to write and edit through this learning experience. Undertake writing and editing projects and receive valuable feedback from experienced professional writers.

Grow your awareness of the writing industry. Develop opportunities through networking, and nurture the sort of attitude that often makes a huge difference between successful and unsuccessful writers and editors.

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Advanced Certificate in Dramatic Writing

Learn Dramatic Writing


Learn to infuse your words with drama, and in doing so, make them more gripping.


You can thus learn to increase the potential of any work to hold a readers attention: marketing message, email, magazine article, poem, short story or book.

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Advanced Freelance Writing BWR201

Expand your knowledge of freelance writing skills to expand your writing career..

This course is now available online for the first time!  Full of practical advice on a wide range of areas, you can increase your skills to move forward with confidence in your freelance writing career!

Designed for people who already have skills in freelance writing, who have perhaps had some minor work published, but need to improve their overall technique and develop a more "efficient" approach to their work, this course was written by our academic staff who are well established and successful freelance writers.

 Start by reading our principal's ebook: "Professional Writing" -click on image for details about the book

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Biographical Writing BWR205

Learn to write biographies
  • Short or long
  • Profiles and obituaries through to books

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Certificate in Editing and Proofreading BWR005

Study Editing and Proof Reading on line

Proof Readers and editors work both as:

  • freelance contractors; running their own business from home; and
  • in house staff; employed by book or magazine publishers, printers, newspapers, broadcast media and other enterprises

This certificate is designed to provide the knowledge an skills to work as a freelance editor or proof reader; or seek employment as such in the media.

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Childrens Writing BWR104

Learn to Write for Children Children’s writing is a specialised craft. It is a rewarding, inspirational (and often demanding) branch of writing. Few people can easily recall their own childhood, or write in a manner that children can relate to.

Throughout this course you'll look at conceptualisation, plot development, story structure, and more.You will also learn about editing your work, from cleaning up grammar and syntax to tightening your pacing to keep the reader engaged. Working with our expert academics, you'll complete set tasks and assignments and begin writing your own children's texts.

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Communications VWR100

Communication is important for every aspect of life: personal, family, social, work, study, etc. Without good communication skills it is easy (maybe even probable) that you will confront a lot more problems in life than is necessary. This course improves your ability to communicate in all situations. You learn to write and speak more fluently. Behaviour, visual communications, language, public speaking, conducting meetings, writing letters and reports, communications technology, and lots more are covered.

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Copywriting BWR310

Learn to Write for Marketing
  • Copywriting for Advertising
  • Print, electronic and broadcast media
  • Improve your ability to produce concise, clear, compelling marketing messages

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Course Writing BGN107

Learn to Write Course Materials

  • Course notes 
  • Curriculum documents (course prescriptions)
  • Handouts
  • Text books


It takes a specific skill for writing a course or the materials that support teaching.   Teaching materials serve a different primary purpose to other written materials. They should be primarily focused on facilitating learning. That is different to writing that is primarily designed to inform, entertain or communicate. 

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Creative Writing - BWR103

This course will develop your general writing skills as well as stimulating your ability to be more creative in your writing.

The course is a good starting point for you to learn to write professionally. It is equally valuable to help improve your general communication skills and develop a more creative and interesting approach to writing in everyday life, whether writing letters to friends or putting together community newsletters.

If you love writing and want to improve your skills, network with other writers, and get personal guidance from a team of professional writers, this course is for you. Our principal and staff have authored over 150 magazines and 40 books. Tutors are exceptionally well qualified, with university degrees in writing or journalism and more than 10 years experience in writing and publishing.

Meet a Tutor

Rachel Syers B.Journalism

Rachel has worked as a newspaper journalist for the past 15 years, in a range of roles from sub-editor and social columnist to news reporter, covering rounds such as education, health, council, music, television, court, police, Aboriginal and Islander affairs, and agriculture. Her current role is Fashion Editor, features writer and features sub-editor with The Gold Coast Bulletin. She has co-authored a successful biography Roma: From Prison to Paradise about former prisoner-of-war turned yoga guru, Roma Blair. Rachel has also freelanced as a writer, reviewer and researcher for Australian music and celebrity magazines such as WHO Weekly, Rave, Australasian Post and New Idea. Rachel has tutored for ACS for the past 10 years.


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Dramatic Writing BWR110

Study Dramatic Writing - learn techniques to writing engaging and compelling text.
  • Study online, guided and supported by an international team of experienced, published, professional writers.

  • Learn about planning your work.

  • Learn how to develop a plot and the importance of sub plots.

  • Understand how to develop characters and make them both believable and relevant to the story.

  • Develop writing skills to write engaging text.

Do you have great story ideas but don't know where to start?

This course will help you no matter what style of writing you do, or where in the world you live. There are many different types of writing - short stories, poems, novels, screen plays etc. Dramatic writing can be useful in all of these. This course looks at many different writing styles (including screen writing) and allows you to apply them to your own work.

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Editing 1 - BWR106

Editing is a specialised field

-- it's more than a comma here and an apostrophe there.

In this course, you'll work with our expert staff to improve your communications and messaging skills. You'll learn how grammar can affect clarity, the rules of clear and effective text, and learn about the publication process from start to finish. You'll also:

  • learn how to assess manuscripts
  • markup text
  • analyse and improve existing work

A good editor is always in demand; in today's connected world, many editors can work from anywhere in the world. ACS student comment: "It took me a while, but in the end it was a very useful course for my work. I would like to really thank my tutor for all her feedback which improved my proofreading skills. You will see the results in our 2011 catalogue." Premo Jackniacki, Australia - Editing 1 course. Why Study With Us?

  • Our tutors and course writers include over more than a dozen professionals who have worked as editors, publishers and writers in both print and electronic media in both Australia and the UK.
  • The courses have been tried and proven over many years
  • We continually review and, if needed, update course material
  • We provide old-fashioned service with real people (Many other colleges are increasingly restricting access for you to interact personally with tutors. We encourage interaction and in a subject like editing: that is important!)

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Editing II BWR302

Develop your editing skills further ...

Learn to edit a variety of publishing material including:

  • print and electronic media,
  • text and graphics,
  • commercial and non-commercial material.

A great follow on course from Editing I, this course is designed for self-editors, aspiring professional editors and desktop publishers. Its aim is to develop the student’s understanding of the editing processes.

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Editing III BWR307

Study Advanced Editing by Distance Learning

This course is intended for editors who are already comfortable with proofreading and copyediting, and wish to move into more senior or specialised roles. 

Senior and specialist editors usually combine specific subject knowledge with project management duties. This requires the editor to be comfortable with language in all its forms, from the "basics" learned in school through to the evolution of language as a living thing.

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Editing Practice BWR305

Dreaming of a career in editing or publishing?

This course will give you the know-how to get started, by involving you in the production of an online publication. You will learn from experience what is required, and how to go about it. You will develop your ability to edit both text and illustrations for articles and prepare layout for articles.

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Writing Fundamentals - AWR101

Develop English as a Second Language skills to improve your written and spoken English communication. This course helps ESL students with basic English skills, to develop their knowledge of English grammar. Write better English for business and study purposes.

The course is aimed at students who can write and speak basic English and wish to strengthen their English language skills, particularly their writing skills. English has many exceptions and special rules for plural forms, countable and uncountable nouns, gerund or infinitive forms and more.

    Understand some of the most important special rules in English. Understand the special purposes for writing and practice in developing your skills in these forms. Learn from course notes, completing written and spoken exercises for each lesson, and submitting them for tutor feedback and guidance.

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Freelance Writing - BWR102

Many professional writers start out by freelancing. Learn how to write, what to write and how publishers buy from freelance writers.

The ten lessons in the course cover everything from good grammar to planning and writing newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, books and more. Emphasis is placed on things which are important to publishers who might buy your work. Tutors concentrate on your ability to properly structure an article, and to be both concise and clear in your use of words. Graduates of this course should:

  • Have improved communication skills, particularly with respect to clarity, conciseness and correct grammar.
  • Be familiar with the "writing industry"; having a clear idea of where opportunities exist for obtaining work as a freelance writer.
  • How to go about approaching potential clients to obtain work.
  • Have an understanding of the processes involved in publishing books, magazines and newspapers; from generating concepts to seeing the finished publication on sale.
Student Profile - Jacqui Eyley Jacqui Eyley, a student in our Freelance Writing course wrote:

 "This course has just helped me get a job as a proof reader! At last I have found my dream job! I have read so many books on finding the perfect career, and then, advertised in the local paper, in between 'cleaner available' and 'care assistants wanted' was my job, 'proof reader required'. The work was for a national newspaper and they were looking for someone with a high level of literacy, an interest in farming and an eye for detail. In addition to my Freelance Writing course with ACS, I have a degree in law, a small holding, and I can pick nits till the cows come home; perfect! I couldn't believe my luck; someone was actually going to pay me to read the newspaper. The work was part time and so flexible I could even bring it home with me. My imagination worked overtime; I was already laid back in my hammock casually marking out mistakes with a glass of something cold and fizzy by my side."

"Of course, in reality it is nothing like that; proof reading requires intense concentration and the ability to read very fast while picking out a variety of errors. The newspaper is a farming publication and while many articles are interesting, the technical subjects are hard work. One thing the job has taught me though, is that some writers are a lot better than others. If you know your subject well and are reliable, just about anyone can get published"

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Introduction to Technical Writing - OBWR301

Learn Technical Writing through via online training This course aims to teach you the fundamentals of technical and professional writing. Understand the elements of technical writing quickly and easily; with personal guidance from a professional who uses these skills in their day to day work.

 Learn to write technical and scientific documents, articles, papers, books, manuals and even product labels. Technical writing is a skill required by all types of industries - from factories to research laboratories. It is a skill required by people in many professions - from consultants to teachers.




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Journalism Practice I BWR203

Make a move toward Working in Journalism   This course takes you through the processes of writing for a specific publication, submitting work for publication, and meeting the requirements of an editor and publisher.    You will learn important skills such as:
  • learning to write according to specific criteria, 
  • how to deal with a publisher, 
  • communicating effectively with others involved in the publishing process. 
By the end of the course you will have at least one published work (maybe more), which will set you on the path to a career as a writer. No matter what you want to write, you will find this a great learning experience.    Prerequisites:    
  • Freelance Writing, Publishing I, and Editing I, or equivalent 
  • Medium level computer skills, or higher.

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Media Business Practices (Publishing III) BWR303

This course will help you understand business requirements and practices in the publishing industry.

Learn the important considerations that affect the decision of what to publish, and how to better manage a publication.

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Poetry BWR109

Do you have poems inside you that are bursting to be written?

  • Learn how to develop your writing style with this course
  • Look at the works of literary greats from the past - Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Angelou, Emily Dickinson... and more
  • study different elements and styles of poetry.

This is a practical course that allows you to practise your skills so you can express yourself in poetry with confidence.

Are You a Poet; Who Doesn't Know it?

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Public Speaking BWR206

Learn public speaking and speech making - communicate better in front of a crowd, as a speaker, lecturer or master of ceremonies.

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Publishing Adult Fiction (Publishing II) BWR202

 Learn About the Publishing Industry. Suitable for people who want to publish fiction for adults, from fantasy to military fiction, irrespective of whether electronic or print media. Learn about layout, design, using graphics and cover images, and how to build you author platform.  


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Publishing and Journalism 2100 hour Learning Bundle

Study Media, Writing and Publishing with a view to becoming:

  • A Journalist or Writer
  • Publishing Assistant or Manager
  • Web Developer
  • A Marketing Manager
  • A Production Manager ...etc

ACS tutors are well published and successful professionals with current industry experience. Study here for an education with a strong dose of both reality and opportunity.

In this industry, a diploma or degree is not an essential requirement to be able to get and do a job. Many journalists are not formally qualified. Many university journalism graduates do not work in journalism. The value of your study here is in how well it prepares you to do the job -and that is exactly what we focus on.

2100 hours of self paced study over 2 to 3 years full time, or loner part time.

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Publishing I BWR107

It is easier today than ever before for anyone to become a publisher, particularly in digital publishing. This course provides an excellent start for anyone considering self publishing children's books, from picture books to young adult novels. It will help you learn about publishing terms, layout and design, how to contract freelancers, and marketing methods. This course is relevant to:
  • Publishers
  • Editors
  • Copy Writers
  • Editorial Assistants
  • Sales Managers

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Script Writing BWR204

Learn Script Writing - study the art of script writing and advance your niche skills
  • Learn how to write a script.
  • Develop your skills to work as a scriptwriter for plays, short films, promotional videos.
  • Develop your writing skills for novella writing, fiction writing, or to transcribe books to screenplays.
Stand out from the crowd - Hone your skills - Write your passion.
  • Enrol today, receive extensive training materials and support from our expert tutors.
  • Study online - where and when you want to.


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Writing Fiction BWR105

Unleash your Creative Genius

An important aspect of this course involves presenting factual information and content geared toward developing the student's understanding of  the processes involved in fiction writing. This is combined with the student undertaking the practical tasks of writing their own pieces of  fiction and of analyzing the writing of other authors.

Fiction is writing that encompasses imaginary characters, events and/or settings created by the writer. All of the components of a fictitious story do not necessarily need to be fictitious though:

  • Imaginary characters might be set in a real world setting such as a well known city or a particular country.
  • Characters might be fictitious, but set in a “real” event. For example, you might write about the experiences of a fictitious character during World War II.
  • Real characters may be used for a fictitious story that embraces an imaginary event or setting (eg. a story about William Shakespeare traveling through time, or something more realistic, like a summer’s holiday at a fictitious beach resort, taken by a famous historical figure such as Mozart).

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Writing in Practice

Learn to revise and polish your work.

Discover reviewing strategies, how to give and receive feedback, and how to work over your projects to check structure, characterisation, and more.

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Writing Non Fiction

Learn to Write Commercially viable Non Fiction

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