Journalism Practice I BWR203

Learn Journalism Skills

This module gives you hands-on experience in writing for a publication. You are assigned a mentor (member of our academic staff) who will oversee your role as writer for an online publication, for one edition of that publication. 

Course Aim:   Write short articles or news items for a popular publication. 

Course Duration: 100 hours

How the Module Works:

1st You become familiar with a current edition of the publication
2nd You learn to use an online management system for a publication
3rd You plan content for a publication
4th You write content for an online edition of the publication
5th You submit the product to your mentor for comment
6th You make adjustments as needed
7th Your work is authorized to go live on the internet. 

What is the Value of this Course? 

With so many would-be writers around, publishers can afford to be very choosy. Most will only accept work from writers who have already been published, but getting that first work published can be a daunting and difficult task. Many very good writers just never get published at all. This module provides our students with just what they need: an opportunity to get work published. On graduation, you will have at least one work published (maybe more) in a publication that you can show to potential employers, which will increase your chances of being employed or published in future.


Comment from John Mason,
ACS Principal, magazine editor and author of over 150 books, comments on his experience working to publishers’ specifications:
“Over more than 40 years of dealing with publishers, I have repeatedly heard them complain that too many writers simply don’t write what publishers want and need. It’s not that writers are not good at writing; it’s just that they are not good at writing to specifications. If you want to make money from writing and pursue a career in journalism, you must learn to write to specification. This means: If the publisher wants 200 to 250 words, you MUST produce something not one word more or less than this range. If the publisher asks for work by a certain date, ideally, you will supply it before that date, but definitely not even one day late. If the publisher asks for a simple style, no jargon, or something for a particular target audience, you must be able to produce work that falls within those guidelines.”


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