Editing Practice BWR305

Practical Editing Course

This course is designed to follow on from and complement our Editing I course.

Duration 100 hours

Course Content

This course takes you through the processes of editing for a specific publication, submitting work for publication, and meeting the requirements of an editor and publisher.

Lesson 1. Working to Specifications

  • Role and scope of editing
  • What does an editor do
  • Tools for editing
  • What makes a good editor
  • Style editing
  • Style manual
  • Language level
  • Style sheet - house style
  • Common mistakes
  • Reviewing a manuscript - presentation, accuracy, illustrations, other improvements
  • Production process
  • Production schedule
  • Libel, Slander, Defamation
  • Marking up a manuscript - copy editing versus proofing.

Lesson 2. Editing Articles for Online Publications

  • Editing for online
  • Online is mot a static publishing medium
  • Key rules
  • Explain, Plan, Use links
  • eBooks
  • Structural problems
  • Writing style
  • House style
  • Content
  • Libel and defamation
  • Visual style - type size, line length, justification, indentation, windows and orphans, folios etc

Lesson 3. Submitting Articles for Online Publications

  • Targeting the reader
  • Style
  • Terminology
  • Controlling the budget
  • Graphics
  • Technical illustration
  • Designing and editing charts and tables
  • Electronic processing of graphic images
  • Choosing and design with photos
  • Preparing an index
  • Who does what? 
  • Developmental editing
  • Production editing 
  • Project editing
  • Acquisitions editing
  • Proofreading
  • Editorial proofreading
  • Fact checking
  • Information design
  • Permissions editing
  • How is material published online

Lesson 4. Preparing and submitting Layout for publication

  • Layout and design
  • Page layout
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Copyright misconceptions
  • Contract law
  • Law and the internet
  • Editing Specifications
  • PBL Project - Writing a Specification

Under the guidance of a mentor (a writing/editing tutor), you will learn to edit according to specific criteria, deal with a publisher, and communicate effectively with others involved in the publishing process.

This module gives you hands-on experience in copy editing an online publication. You will work with a tutor (member of our academic staff) who will oversee your role as copy editor for an online publication.


Why is this such a valuable experience?

It is difficult to get a start in the publishing industry. Publishers are usually swamped by people seeking employment, and applicants may not even be considered unless they have already worked in the publishing field. This means that many qualified graduates never even get the opportunity to show what they can do!

This module gives our students just what they need – experience of copy editing. The module gives you that opportunity to work on a real-life publication. With something to show publishers, you have a much better chance of gaining employment in this field. On graduation, you will have a body of work that shows your experience in copy editing for online publications.

Nominal duration: 100 hours


Gain hands-on experience as an editor in a student publishing team! In this module, you will develop essential practical knowledge and skills that you will need in your career as editor or publisher. Under the guidance of a mentor (a member of our academic staff), you will plan, design, write, and publish a magazine, journal, or other publication. Think how that will look on your resumé!



  • Publishing I and Editing I, or equivalent
  • Medium level computer skills

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