Dramatic Writing BWR110

Learn at home, guided by an international team of experienced, published, professional writers.
  • Are you worried that your stories are boring?
  • Do you want to learn how to write engaging and powerful plots?
  • Do you want to spend less time obsessed with syntax and more time thinking about what you want your reader to feel and what you are trying to express?
  • Do you have great story ideas but don't know where to start?

This course will help you no matter what style of writing you do, or where in the world you live. There are many different types of writing - short stories, poems, novels, screen plays etc. Dramatic writing can be useful in all of these. This course takes lessons from many different writing styles (including screen writing) and allows you to apply them to your own work. 

Lesson Structure

There are 8 lessons in this course

1. Introduction

  •     Motivation
  •     Typing Time
  •     Types of Writing : Reflection, Exposition, Description, Explanation, Argument
  •     Making Decisions about what to Write
  •     Know your stuff
  •     The concept
  •     Synopsis
  •     Keeping a Notebook
  •     Process of Story Development
  •     Planning a Story
  •     Developing your Voice
  •     Useful terms

2. Characters

  •     Developing the characters
  •     Building Characters
  •     Main Characters
  •     Minor Characters

3. Theme and Genre

  •     Developing a Theme
  •     Universal Themes
  •     Sub Themes
  •     Creating Conflict
  •     Names

4. Plot Development

  •     First Decisions
  •     Ambiance
  •     The End of a Story
  •     Types of Dramatic Story: Memoirs, Biographies, Reflective Stories, Historical etc

5. Weaving a Story

  •     Techniques: Action, Emotion, Mirror; Parallel lives, Palm Cards
  •     Writers Block
  •     Developing a Story Line
  •     Things to Avoid
  •     Different Approaches: Dialectic, Transition
  •     How a Character Affects a Plot
  •     How Plot Affects Genre
  •     Goals
  •     Consequences
  •     Motive
  •     Flash backs and Flash forwards

6. Writing a Dramatic Short Story

  •     Main Character and Antagonist
  •     Creating a Sense of Place
  •     Counting Out Your Story
  •     Short Stories

7. Developing Sub Plots

  •     Method
  •     Plants
  •     Activity

8. Writing a Chapters for a Dramatic Work (Novel or Play)

  •     Getting Published
  •     Writing Resources
  •     Writing as a Business
  •     Vanity Publishing
  •     Dealing with Publishers
  •     Creating a Chapter or Segment of a larger work

Course Duration:   100 hours 


Although doing a course may not guarantee you work – it will set you apart from those that have not studied at all and it will improve your personal choices when applying for jobs or give you and your clients more confidence in you if you are looking to set up your own business.

When it comes to applying for jobs - each job listed usually gets a huge amount of response, when employers choose people to interview they will look at a range of factors, what you have studied will be just one of those factors. You need to be able to catch a potential employer’s attention and stand out from the rest.

So what do you need?

  • Great communication skills: verbal, written and also the ability to use a computer. Whenever we are offering people a service (such as personal training for example) they are looking for someone with a professional approach and who instils a feeling of confidence.
  • Problem solving skills: no matter what profession you work in you need to be able to problem solve – in personal training this is important so that you can construct programs to suit each individual. ACS courses are based on developing problem solving skills and you do this through your set tasks and assignments throughout the course.
  • Knowledge and skills demanded of the job. In any job that involves people’s health and fitness you must know what you are doing – this is something you cannot do without the correct skills and knowledge and the only way to get this is by undertaking a course and gaining personal experience.
  • A passion for the work and willingness to learn.
  • Presentation and grooming - people who present as being well organised and well-groomed will impress.

How Will A Course Help Me To Gain those Skills?

Choosing the right course will help i.e. one that develops knowledge, practical and also your problem solving skills. Not all courses do this. At ACS our courses focus on Problem Based Learning so this enables the student to develop these skills and at the same time using this learning method also improves you knowledge retention and recall.

What Can You do to Improve Your Career Prospects?

  • Choose a course that you are passionate about – be open to learning and use this course to start building your future. Today we are expected to keep learning and studying in order to keep up with a world that is rapidly changing. Learning is a lifelong experience. Study a course that makes you stand out - a qualification that is different to all the other applicants will always catch the attention of a boss, and may be the difference between getting an interview or not.
  • Network with people in the industry, attend conferences and trade shows – make yourself known to people in the industry in general.
  • Try to build a range of skills – multi-skilled people catch the eye of the employer or potential employer.
  • Write a good CV and ask for help if you need it. Tutors at this school will help our students with their C.V.'s if you ask -no cost. Resume Writing services can also be used, but they charge.
  • Recognise your weaknesses and work on improving them - not just academically. And also know your strengths and demonstrate them.

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