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Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Photography) VBS001

Want to Work in Photography? Start a career with this Online Training Course This course is designed to train people for supervisory or managerial positions in the photographic industry. There are 7 modules plus a workplace project in this course. These are the 4 core units common to all streams of this Advanced Certificate, C12CN001. These involve 400 hours of study in total and cover Communications, Management, Office Practices, Business Operations and Marketing. Three photography units involve another 300 hours of study. A workplace project on the photography industry involves the final 200 hrs of study.


This Course is for people who want to work in Photo Sales, Management or Business

Courses in Photography (Film Photos and Digital Photos) - Learn how to photograph -Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Landscape Photography, Professional Photography and more. 

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Certificate In Photography VPH002

Prepare to work in the photographic industry.

Develop an awareness and understanding in the industry, and build knowledge and skills to use a camera at a professional standard. Learn all-important communication and business skills needed to be successful in the real world. This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C Student Comment (from N. Huettmann, Germany) "Yes, I did learn a lot" ...." I'm absolutely satisfied"..."Because I already run my own business as a photographer, the freedom to handle the course whenever I find the time is just great".

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Digital Photography - BPH202

Develop your ability to produce photographs using digital technology (digital or conventional photography combined with computer software and hardware for processing the photographs). Digital photography is a relatively new and radically different technique to film photography which records images in the form of digital (ie. 2 digit or binary) codes. In simple terms digital codes are similar to Morse code Comment from one of our students: "Excellent service from (the tutor) who dealt with any query quickly, and returned written work always with a note and kind regards." C. Hatchard, UK - Digital Photography course. Meet a Tutor Katrina Spark B. Int.Des.; B. Photog. Katrina has almost 20 years experience as an interior designer, photographer and businesswoman, in Australia, the UK and beyond. She majored in Creative Advertising in her photography degree, and won the Kodak Award for the most creative advertising folio.

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Hobby Photography APH001

Become a better Amateur Photographer  Learn how to capture beautiful images of special occasions in your life.

With the technology we have available these days, anyone can take photos. But turning an ordinary photo into an extraordinary photo takes skill. This course guides the amateur photographer through getting the most out of their camera, and a range of tips and techniques to take beautiful, dramatic, informative images.

This course can be undertaken by users of both film or digital technologies.

What is different about this course?

  • We put your learning first.
  • You have unlimited access to ask questions -every student is given one on one contact with tutors.
  • Marking papers for us is not about grading you: rather it is seen as an opportunity to nurture your learning and help you improve your photography.

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Introduction to Photography - BPH100

A comprehensive introduction to still photography. To complete the assignments, you need access to a 35 mm camera. ACS Student comment: "I found it to be an excellent course in basic Film Photography. The section on exposure was very clear. I appreciate the diagrams and clear concise directions in developing and enlarging film. The staff were very kind and my tutor was very encouraging and always gave clear feedback. I was very happy with the flexibility of the course. I moved to a different country and was able to continue with the course." Emma Day, USA - Introduction to Photography course. Why Choose this Course?

  • To get a serious foundation for further studies -formal or informal
  • A first step (entry level) for a possible career in photography
  • To gain a credit toward a possible certificate or diploma (without committing to a full qualification first up).



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Landscape Photography BHP203

Capture the essence of a landscape and develop your own photographic style. This course is designed to develop your skill in using materials, equipment and your own 'eye' to achieve great landscape images.  This comprehensive course covers special effects, principles of photography, realistic, abstract and impressionistic photography, streetscapes, natural areas, and much more. A good landscape photograph conveys not just the physical shapes in a scene, but also a personal impression (ie. The feelings which are stirred in the photographer when viewing the landscape are transferred to the captured image).

Courses in Photography (Film Photos and Digital Photos) - Learn how to photograph -Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Landscape Photography, Professional Photography and more.

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Lighting for Photography BPH204

Learn to Understand Lighting for Photography

Using light requires an understanding of physics, equipment technology and artistic composition; all blended together.

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Photographic Portfolio

Create a portfolio of photos with guidance from a professional photographer.

This course can be taken as a stand alone course or a component of a larger course (eg. certificate or diploma), and anyone attempting it should have first studied photo practice or a similar course, to develop their skills and style. This course is not focussed on improving the photos you take; rather it focuses on your ability to select appropriate photos for a purpose, and to then present those photos in an appropriate way.

The culmination of this module is the production of a Portfolio which can be used by the student to sell themselves when applying for a job or making a presentation to a client.

This is a new course!

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Photographic Practice BPH101

IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS! This course develops an understanding of how to compose the components of a photograph to create different affects. You develop not only a theoretical foundation for creating an image, but by putting what you learn into practice, then interacting with your tutors in an analysis of your work and that of others, your capacity to understand the possibilities and create different images will develop steadily throughout.

Courses in Photography (Film Photos and Digital Photos) - Learn how to photograph -Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Landscape Photography, Professional Photography and more.

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Photographic Technology BPH201

Develop a technical understanding of how a permanent impression of an image can be captured in a photograph.

This is a fascinating area of photographic study which any good photographer needs to understand in order to not only take good photos, but also identify and understand problems when they occur. This course is equally relevant to digital and film covering such things as image formation, light, lenses, filters, colour and the sensitivity of film or electronic surfaces that record the image.

Did you realize that lenses for film cameras are not going to perform the same if used on a digital camera?

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Photographing People BPH102


Learn to set up a photo session, organize a studio, create different types of effects, and compose elements of an image to convey the desired impression. This course is highly practical, giving you plenty of opportunity to concentrate in those areas of people photography which are of most concern to you


Courses in Photography (Film Photos and Digital Photos) - Learn how to photograph -Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Landscape Photography, Professional Photography and more.

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Photography 1500 hour Learning Bundle

Take a big step toward becoming a Professional Photographer. Develop your photography skills and repertoire, and your ability to present your work for maximum impact to the public, employers, clients, publishers, galleries and others. Gain first-hand experience in photography, presentation, and publishing to prepare you to work in any aspect of photography. This course provides an excellent and diverse basis on which to begin and build a career.

Receive valuable feedback on your photographs from tutors who are expert and experienced photographers.

Courses in Photography (Film Photos and Digital Photos) - Learn how to photograph -Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Landscape Photography, Professional Photography and more.

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Travel Photography VPH005

Travelling can perhaps challenge photographic skills perhaps more than anything else. This is because there is usually such a variety of photographic subjects and photo opportunities. There are many considerations, for example:
  • What to take - too much equipment can be as much a problem as too little
  • Timing - Climatic conditions as well as events provide different opportunities in different places at different times (eg. Shadows that can be difficult to work with may be more of a problem at certain times of year - or day).
  • Legal Considerations: laws can vary: in some places, you may need official permission before you can take a photograph of something.


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Wedding Photography

Want to be a Wedding Photographer?

Learn to produce quality wedding photos as a commercial enterprise.

Learn to:

  • take fantastic photos
  • pose the couple
  • find great locations
  • handle inclement weather
  • understand weddings from different religions
  • deal with the family
  • handle the stress
  • analyse your competition
  • start your own business


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