Pet Care Courses

Animal Welfare BAG224

Learn to Treat Pets Better

Is your inner self still telling you to do something where you can help animals in need?

Our Animal Welfare course has been developed in response to industry demand.

Now is the time to convert your passion into a career with this foundation course in animal welfare.

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Aquarium Management

Learn to manage an aquarium, small or large.
  • Keep fish as a hobby
  • Work in the pet industry, or in a zoo or sea life park

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Bird Keeping

Learn Bird Keeping

Whatever your interest, or reason for keeping birds, this course can greatly deepen tour knowledge and understanding of how to care for birds in captivity:

  • As pets
  • For breeding
  • For showing
  • For Racing or Hunting
  • In zoos
  • In Animal Rescue Facilities
  • For Conservation
  • To farm



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Cat Care

Learn to Understand Cats As domestic pets, cats are often underrated and misunderstood.   An owner or worker that puts in the effort to gain a deeper insight into their needs and behaviour, can truly appreciate and admire the intricacies of these fantastic animals. 

Study this short course online to learn the fundamentals of caring for cats.


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Cat Psychology and Training BAG222

Understand cat psychology and apply that knowledge to manage and influence the behaviour of cats. This course will guide you through the different behavioural patterns your cat may exhibit from their instinctive behaviour to how they might think and react to certain situations they come across at home and throughout their growth period.

Getting to know your cats behaviour will help you acknowledge what your cat may like or dislike, find pleasurable, challenging and/or threatening. Understanding your cat's way of expressing itself may help avoid undesirable situations, as well as developing a close and harmonious relationship with your family.

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Certificate in Animal Care Services VAG029

Do you love animals and want to care for them in your home as a home based business? Home study with our easy to follow modules and tutor support every step of the way!

You can learn all the skills and information needed to effectively care for all kinds of animals, including caring for their nutritional and health needs and their safety and general well-being whilst under your care or supervision. Maybe you already work in this field and would like to gain a qualification! Or maybe you have always wanted to care for animals and run your own business... Get started here today!

You can learn everything you need from our course and tutors! Learn how to set up the business itself, know the legal side of things, learn what you are permitted to do in terms of local laws, know how best to set up the physical space and resources you will need, learn how to advertise and market your service... and most importantly, you will learn all you need to know so you can properly look after the animals in your care.

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Certificate in Companion Animal Studies VAG024

Study pets, their care and build knowledge and skills for working in the pet industry, either in your own business or for someone else.

Develop a solid foundation to work in the pet industry, or expand your career prospects using this course for professional development

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Dog Care BAG105

Do you love dogs? We do.

Our animal specialist course developers have designed a fantastic practical program to take you through all general aspects dog care. You will learn the science of dog care as you learn about anatomy, physiology, nutrition and heath. Consider practical strategies for breeding and develop an opinion about breeding overall. Recognise breeds and their characteristics and apply relevant practical training tips to work with those breeds effectively. Use the experience of your tutor and their industry knowledge to answer the questions you've always wanted to ask!

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Dog Psychology and Training BAG221

Develop your understanding of canine psychology and your ability to apply that to the handling of a variety of breeds and in a number of situations. This is a fantastic brand new course developed for anyone working with dogs.

  • Are you involved in dog training?
  • Do you want to understand more about how your dog thinks?
  • Can you  understand why your dog behaves the way it does?

You need to learn more! An understanding of canine psychology and behaviour is vitally important for anyone who works with dogs or keeps them as a companion animal. Understanding how the domesticated dog has developed anatomically and physiologically from its wild counterpart, the wolf, will helps us to understand behaviours commonly seen in today’s domesticated dog and therefore allows us to provide an environment in which the dog remains a happy and healthy companion.

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Grooming Animals

Learn Animal Grooming

for Dogs, Cats or any animals.

Enhance a career or start a business.

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Pet Care AAG100

Learn to Care for Pets  ACS Student Comment: "Undertaking research reinforces learning, and it makes me learn more than I would on the course notes alone. The tutor’s comments are very useful. He also provides links to interesting materials relative to my course." Lana Hurley, Australia - Pet Care course. The perfect course for those wanting to learn how to better care for their pets, to assist in pet selection, or for those wanting to work with small animals. Covers the more common pets such as dogs, cats, fish and birds, as well as rodents, rabbits, reptiles and amphibians. Learn about pet selection, general husbandry, breeds, nutrition, housing, grooming, breeding, and health care with the guidance of professional tutors. Ideal for people with little or no knowledge in this area, as well as being an ideal complement to further studies on animal behaviour, anatomy and physiology. An interesting and relevant course, recently updated and revised.

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Pet Food Business

Learn about the Business of Pet Food
  • Pet Nutrition and foods
  • Making, storing, marketing - managing products for the pet food industry.

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