Landscape Design and Construction Courses

Biophilic Landscaping

Study Biophilic Landscaping

Learn about outdoor places that enhance human health and wellbeing

  • Urban Landscapes
  • Rural Landscapes
  • Commercial Landscapes
  • Home Gardens
  • Parks

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Certificate in Horticulture (Landscaping and Garden Design) VHT002

Learn Landscaping, Landscape design and Horticulture

- All in one certificate: a great combination!

  • Love garden design and plants?
  • Want to be a garden designer but need lots of practical plant knowledge too?
  • Work in the horticulture industry and want to move into garden design? 
  • Want to work for a garden centre advising people on design and plant choice and care?
 If your interest is in all areas of landscaping, design, contracting and construction plus plant selection, plant care and plant identification (all of which are important factors in good garden design); then this course is an excellent training ground for you.   This course involves 50% core studies in broad horticulture skills and 50% in landscaping and garden design.

Internationally Accredited through IARC Meet our Principal John L. Mason Dip.Hort.Sc., Sup'n Cert., FIOH, FPLA, MAIH, MACHPER, MASA Board Member of the Australian Garden Council; Mr Mason has had over 45 years experience in the fields of Horticulture, Landandscape Design, Recreation, Education and Journalism. He has amongst other things:

  • Designed over 1,000 landscapes (private and public projects)
  • Been editor of 5 national magazine series, including Landscaping publications
  • Has over 150 books published -most in horticulture, landscape or related titles

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Certificate in Landscape Design - CTLdscDes

Study Garden Design and Landscaping Online    Designed as entry level training for a career in Landscape Design.
  • Work for a landscape construction company as their in-house designer
  • Set up your own business in garden and landscape design
  • Work as a gardener that offers design and landscape construction services
  • Work in a garden centre as their garden design guru
The one advantage of this over other options is that it offers a little more flexibility in module choices. It gives you a chance to develop knowledge in different areas or specialisations - to fine tune the course to suit your interests and ambitions.


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Certificate in Urban Landscaping VHT200

Urban Landscaping - a growing industry

Urban landscapers produce beautiful spaces in city locations - this course allows you to choose your elective modules to suit your interests in urban design. For example you may be interested in green walls and roof gardens (a concept fast taking hold world-wide) then you can choose the green walls and roofs as one of your electives.
  • Are you working in your own business, perhaps gardening or similar, and you want to broaden the practical skills you have into landscaping in urban locations?
  • Are you starting out in a new career and love working outdoors?
  • Do you have design ideas that you want to put into practice and enjoy working with others?

Landscape Design is a multifaceted skill. It allows you to take a vision or "feeling" and transform it into a workable plan. It isn't just making a place look nice, nor mass planting, but is also about suiting the landscape to the climate, land and setting that you have to work with. An understanding of plants, soils, timbers, climate, and other landscape materials are pivotal to the success of a good landscape design.

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Cottage Garden Design BHT110

Learn the Fundamentals of Cottage Garden Design Cottage gardens have an old-world, romantic feel for many observers. They remain a very viable garden option even today  if designed well and in harmony with the building and locality, along with careful plant selection  to minimise maintenance and water use. Despite the proliferation of plants, they need not be water guzzlers or hard to maintain.   Study this course and learn to create traditional gardens in the cottage garden style but using a modern approach to your designs.   “This is a fantastic course for anyone with an interest in cottage gardens or for landscapers and designers wishing to broaden their repertoire. All aspects of cottage gardening are covered from the historical perspective through to plant selection and plans, and students are able to exercise their knowledge by designing their own cottage garden.” - Gavin Cole B.Sc., Psych.Cert., Cert.Garden Design, MACA, ACS Tutor

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Green Walls and Roofs BHT256

Green Walls and Roofs are fast becoming a stunning part of the urban landscape in many cities throughout the world.

With this online study course you too could be a part of this growth industry.   Great for those:
  • Working in garden design
  • Working as landscapers
  • Interested in creating beautiful urban landscapes
Learn to develop appropriate and functional roof and vertical gardens, for residential, commercial and public landscapes.

There are lots of different reasons for creating a vertical garden or roof garden, and the way you develop the garden may be affected by the reason you create it. Common reasons might be:

  • Lack of space for a more extensive garden Improve aesthetics of an ugly place (wall or roof) Improve physical environment (eg. Reduce glare, modify temperature, filter air pollutants, reduce water run off and mitigate flood problems) Urban farming –growing crops in an urban area

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Irrigation (Gardens) BHT210

Irrigation (Gardens)

Learn about irrigation equipment, different ways to irrigate, designing systems -pumps, pipes, sprinklers, drippers, drainage

  Learn to design, choose, install and manage garden irrigation.    A great course for:
  • Gardeners
  • Those working in garden centres
  • The home gardener
  • Landscapers
  • Garden Designers
Water is essential to plant growth and when it is withheld is often its major limitation; to grow beautiful plants they do need to have water. Directing the water when and where it is needed, at the right rate and at the right time, using the right system - is all part of efficient irrigation. And it is even more important today with the advent of more drought and watering restrictions - we are encouraged to save water and a good irrigation system will do just that!  

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Irrigation Management (Horticulture) BHT305

Expand your Knowledge of Irrigation Systems  - a study course you can take at home
  • Do you work in horticulture - in a nursery or a turf facility?
  • Are you responsible for a small or large irrigation system in your job?
  • Do you want to learn more about effective irrigation and irrigation systems?
  • Do you want to work or do work for a commercial irrigation specialist and need to learn more?

Then this  course is suited to you!

Although this may be studies as a 'stand-alone' course, it is advisable to have completed our Irrigations Gardens course first (or something similar). 

“This course is valuable for anyone in charge of an irrigation system or working in the irrigation industry servicing enterprises such as nurseries or turf facilities. It will show the best ways to run systems efficiently.” Tracey Morris Dip.Hort., Cert.Hort., Cert III Organic Farming, ACS Tutor.


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Landscape Construction - BHT111

Learn How to Build Landscapes Hands-on Learn all about the hard landscaping components in a garden and how to build them - for example how to build walls, paths, rockeries, water features and so on.   This course is ideal for those working as gardeners wanting to offer extra to their clients and expand their business. It will also suit garden designers wanting to learn how things are built for the garden to enable you to create better designs.


Work in the landscape construction business, as a landscape gardener, or get involved in garden restoration. Learn to construct or build a garden the right way.

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Landscaping 2 BHT214

Take the Next Step in Your Landscaping Career This course can be taken on its own or as a natural progression from our Landscaping 1 course.

It concentrates on the detail of creating individual components in a landscape. You learn to design and build such things as walls, rockeries, steps, ponds, and paving; and you develop skills to create specific effects in a garden.

Great for:

  • Landscapers
  • Garden designers
  • Landscape gardeners
  • Gardeners 
  • Home gardening enthusiasts

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Landscaping 2100 hour Learning Bundle

Train to be an exceptional, professional, garden designer.

The demand for skilled landscapers and landscape designers is booming right now! More people want their gardens designed by professionals. Gardens are also becoming smaller and small gardens designs are complex they need very skilled professionals to design them to be functional and beautiful.

Give yourself a truly competitive edge with this unique landscaping course. It not only covers all that you need to know about landscaping; it also gives you essential and extensive training in horticulture fundamentals and workplace practices and requirements. Gain truly solid landscaping knowledge and skills from one of the most respected schools in this field.

Start a business or find a landscaping job; working in the garden design or landscape architecture industries.

Study more, for longer.

Learn more, be better than your competition; and give yourself every chance for  an exceptional career and business success.

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Landscaping Home Gardens AHT103

Learn to Design a Home Garden

Learn how to plan, lay out and construct your own home garden. Whether you want a garden which you can work in, play in or simply look at and feel proud of then this course is for you!

  • Learn the principles of landscaping for your own home
  • Learn how to plan, lay out and construct your own home garden
  • Learn how to identify and chose plants most suited to your situation

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Landscaping I - BHT109

Essential Landscaping and Garden Design This is the perfect introduction to landscaping for those who want to break into this field or expand their knowledge of landscape construction.   This course will teach you to:
  • Draw landscape plans
  • Understand the fundamentals of landscape design
  • Design gardens or parks
  • Understand the fundamentals of landscape construction
ACS student comment: "[The course] gave me an insight into a subject that I have been interested in for a long time. Plus it has helped me in my current job with a local landscape/nursery company. [The structure] was done in a way which was very easy to understand and this helped when you hit a subject which was hard to get a grip with. All feedback from the tutors was very constructive and helpful. (David Painter, UK, Landscaping I)

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Landscaping III (Landscaping Styles) BHT235

Find Out How to Create Different Garden Styles No matter how good your landscaping knowledge you should take every opportunity to expand your knowledge of garden styles.

This course represents a great opportunity to expand your skills beyond the norm.

Learn to design:
  • Oriental Gardens
  • Modern/Minimalist Gardens
  • Oriental Gardens
  • Formal Gardens
  • and more

Learn to apply the principles, design features and elements that make up many types and styles of gardens.


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Natural Garden Design BHT215

Design Stunning, Innovative Gardens in a Natural Style

Great course for those:
  • In the industry looking to expand their design options
  • For the garden enthusiast
  • For the garden centre employee advising clients
  • For the garden design professional

In this course you will:

  • Learn to design all types of natural gardens
  • Develop your ability to design a bush garden (totally native, or using a mixture of both indigenous and other plants).
  • Start a business, get a job, or learn to create a great garden for your own property
  • 100 hr, self paced course, for landscape professionals or students training to work in landscaping.

After developing an understanding of the workings of natural environments you learn to create innovative plans for low maintenance bush gardens.It is ideal for the modern garden as it encourages the use of minimal maintenance and allows for habitats to grow without the need for trimming and hedging. You will find more birds and insects coming back into your garden.

Natural Gardens are popular both because they can require less maintenance, and because they create a more "relaxed" ambience. It today's fast paced world; the natural garden has become very popular. This course shows you how to create all types of natural gardens, from woodlands and rainforests, to xerophytic landscapes. Over more than 20 years, I've seen many a person take this course, and go on to a very successful career in landscaping -John Mason Dip.Hort.Sc. FAIH, FIOH, FPLA, garden author and principal.

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Planning Construction & Layout of Ornamental Gardens BHT242

Learning to Layout a Garden is as important as learning to design one You cannot do one without the other !

This course covers both aspects: How to layout a garden i.e. setting it out on the ground to scale (from a scaled design) and how to plan its construction from A to Z.

Online Horticulture and Landscape Course

This is a great course for:

  • Landscape consultants
  • Garden designers
  • Horticultural advisors
  • Project managers
  • or anyone else who works with landscapes and needs to improve their ability to survey, evaluate and plan development work on a site.
  • This course leads you through many important stages of good landscape design while focusing on ornamental gardens.
  • Lesson cover: site appraisal and risk assessment; preparing site plans, site characterising, hard landscaping features, plan to site; soils, drainage; ground preparation; paths and patios and construction of hard landscaping features.


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Playground Design BHT216

Interested in Playgrounds and Community Parks?

Want to learn more about their design? Interested in online study?   This course is ideal for those working in local government, park managers, landscape design contractors or landscape architects wanting to expand their knowledge into this interesting field.   It emphasises the design and construction of playgrounds and small community parks.   A seven lesson course of approx. 100 hrs study This is a valuable course for parks managers or landscape designers.   It covers playground philosophy, design of play structures (for function and safety), materials selection, community participation and park design




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Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens

Discover what it takes to Recreate Old Gardens Garden restoration is an exciting field that can bring up all sorts of unexpected finds: paths and walls hidden under years of neglect, foundations and old ornamentation hidden in shrubberies.   Study this course to learn how to help preserve the old gardens of the past and restore them to their former glory. Be part-archaeologist, part-historian, part-designer and part-gardener!   Gain the skills and knowledge required to master garden renovation. The course is ideal for those:
  • Working as estate managers
  • As  Grounds-keepers
  • In garden design
  • Interested in garden renovation and restoration

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Water Gardening - BHT307

Water Gardens bring a sense of peace and tranquility to a garden.   Develop your skills in designing, constructing and maintaining a variety of different types of water gardens.   To do this course you might be:
  • A garden designer
  • A landscaper
  • A home gardener
 Water gardens can be simple or complex, large or small, and in a huge variety of styles. Depending on the theme or style of the garden you might perhaps decide to have straight-edged or geometrical designs for a formal garden, smooth curved designs for a modern garden, or irregular-shaped designs for less formal and natural-style gardens.  You might choose to have a single pond or a series of ponds with water cascading from one to another.   As you work through this course and look at different styles of water gardens, you will find there are many possibilities, any of which will enhance a garden.  

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