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Certificate in Alternative Education VGN002

Education is a rapidly changing industry. The way students learn is diverse and changing, incorporating new technologies and approaches with increasing frequency. Mainstream education is becoming increasingly "alternative".

Education employs more than just teachers. This is a huge industry, with diverse and fascinating opportunities across a broad range of jobs, from course development and administration, to the many businesses that provide services to schools, colleges and universities. Even in the classroom, opportunities exist for specialists and assistants to work alongside and in support of teachers.



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Classroom Delivery BGN106

Learn to Teach in a Face to Face Situation - Deliver lessons in a classroom situation.    Become an effective teacher. This course develops the "people skills" side of training. It shows you how to handle students more effectively; how to enthuse them and keep them committed to their studies; and how to diffuse problems that might undermine their ability to effectively learn.

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Course Writing and Development BGN107

Learn How to Develop a Course

Course writing is a skill that is always in demand.  To excel at course writing, you need skills in various areas such as teaching, research and as a professional writer.  This is not a very common combination.

This course will provide you with the skills you need to start your career as a Course Writer.


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Distance Education Delivery BGN108

Join the Booming Industry of Online Education

There are more and more courses available to study via distance education

 these days. With modern technology, this widens the market from local students, to a global audience... imagine the potential!

This course will hone your skills to deliver distance education in an effective and efficient manner.

The first step to your success...

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Instructional Skills BGN101

Develop skills in teaching, to instruct people at work.

At 100 hours of study, this course includes, but exceeds the scope of a typical Train the Trainer Course.

It is appropriate for people teaching at a vocational level, or involved in supervising and instructing staff in a workplace situation.

Who Should Do this Course?

  • Supervisors ore team leaders
  • Managers and Business owners
  • Skills Teachers or Workplace Trainers

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