Tourism & Hospitality Courses

Bed and Breakfast Management

Learn to Manage a Guest House

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Certificate in Event Management VTR012

Take a First Step toward Working in Event Management.

Event Managers are both self employed small business operators, and employees of larger organisations such as: wedding venues, hotels, resorts, exhibition companies, concert promoters and conference organisers.

Event management can be both a challenging and stimulating industry if you have the personality, knowledge and perseverance to succeed. Like most industries, there are pitfalls that you need to be aware of, and careful to avoid; but with a course such as this, you will be laying a very sound foundation for future success.

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Certificate in Hospitality Management

Learn to Manage Hospitality Services

Boost your employment or business prospects in ....

  • Accommodation
  • Food Services
  • Event Management


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Certificate in Tourism VTR009

Working in Tourism? Lay the foundation for a long term career in an industry that is exciting, challenging and always changing.

Despite the ups and downs of the tourism industry throughout recent years; this remains one of the most significant industries globally. Opportunities have always existed for people with appropriate skills and a little entrepeneurial flair; even in the low times. This course provides a mix of learning that is designed to make a difference; coupled together with an opportunity to be trained and mentored by some highly successful and qualified tutors.

There are shorter and less focused courses offered elsewhere; but for a long term future in this industry, a longer and more solid training is always going to give you a better prospects.

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Cleaning VHT207

Learn to Clean 
  • Commercial Properties
  • Public Facilities
  • Homes
Commercial or Domestic Cleaners Work in: Hotels and Resorts Retail shops and Shopping Centres Offices, Factories and Commercial Properties Airports, Planes, Rail stations, Trains, Car Rental Businesses, Buses,  Theaters, Community Centres, Churches, Libraries and other Public Buildings New Homes (for Property developers), Homes for Sale (for estate agents) Occupied Homes (for home owners Indoor and outdoor Public places (Streets, Toilets, Parks, etc).



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Drinks Service/ Bar Service Course BTR204

Learn to Manage a Drinks Service


  • Foundation for working in a cafe, restaurant or bar
  • Learn about different types of drinks - from beer and wine to coffee and tea

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Ecotour Management - BTR101


Tourism has become huge, and ecotourism one of the largest sectors of the modern tourist industry.

Ecotourism offers opportunities for employment in virtually every corner of the world, from poor countries to rich and cold environments to hot.

This course is an excellent first step toward increasing your potential for success in ecotour management.

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Ecotourism Tour Guide Course - BTR301

Organise and conduct ecotourism services 

Learn to conduct guided tours, overnight walks and treks, or self guided interpretive walks. Ecotourism is an industry that has developed hugely in recent years. It reflects both of the aims of modern conservation: management of resources and protection of the environment. Modern ecotourism strives to be sustainable, so that the activities that are taking place can continue to do so. This course will introduce you to aspects of ecotourism such as guiding environmental awareness, planning tours,displays and interpretive aids, plant and animal interpretation.

Comment from one of our Ecotourism students:

"I am learning so much" J. Alderton

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Event Management

Learn to be an Event Organiser

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Event Management 1500 hour learning bundle

Work in Event Management

Event Management is an ever-evolving industry with a multitude of career options. If you have the drive to showcase your entrepreneurship,  organisation and leadership  skills, then you can consolidate your potential by studying and gaining a knowledge and skills in Event Management.

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Farm Tourism BTR205

Learn about Agritourism
  • Diversify on farm income
  • Manage tourism facilities and services in rural areas

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Food and Beverage Management BTR102

Work in the Food Service Industry
  • Start a catering or restaurant business
  • Apply for work in hotels, resorts,catering or restaurants
This course develops an excellent and sound foundation for working in a restaurant, catering or other food service enterprise, including your own. Topics covered vary from kitchen and food management to planning a menu, restaurant staffing and waiter/waitress skills. This course can provide an excellent starting point, providing foundation for working in the food service industry, whether starting a catering business, running a restaurant or seeking employment in a or kitchen (or anything else). Comment from a Student on the course:

"I have enjoyed the course and would study with ACS again" D. Hennessy

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Food Preparation BRE212

Cookery Foundations

Learn to prepare and cook delicious healthy and nutritious food in this introductory course.

  • Gain new skills in introductory food handling, cooking and hygiene
  • Gain skills necessary for catering business
  • Stand alone course or can be taken with Event Management; Food & Beverage Handling; Bed and Breakfast or Starting a Small Business

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Food Processing and Technology BSS301

Learn food processing and technology

Learn to

  • Understand how food products are developed, from concept through to retail sale.
  • Understand ways food products are enhanced for nutritional or taste reasons.
  • Describe how food products are processed and why.
  • Appreciate and explain how foods contribute to health, regulations, and necessary statements for sale

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Garden Tourism

Learn to Provide Garden Tours

Garden tourism is a large but relatively untapped niche sector of the tourism industry. Although often associated with older people, there are many younger garden tourists these days who appreciate plants, gardens and the history and culture of specific horticultural venues.    

This course considers everything you need to know in order to plan, organise, and operate garden tours, activities and events whether for self-employment or for the government or private sector. 

Study this course to boost your chances of making a difference in this fulfilling area of tourism.



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Hospitality and Tourism 1500 hour Learning Bundle

Become a Tourism Industry Professional

Hospitality and Tourism is an interesting, stable industry that, unlike many other industries, tends to withstand economic downturns, 

Due to the variable nature of the industry, and its continual growth, a myriad of career options are available.

As the industry continues to grow, there is an associated need for skilled professionals within the industry.

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Hotel Management - BTR202


Whether you want to take the next step in your career or expand your current hospitality skills, this course can help you get there!  It provides broad based and basic training to both work in, and manage within the hospitality industry, including accommodation, hotels, motels or resorts.  You will learn about all aspects of managing a hotel and the sections within it.  Discover how to organize staff to work efficiently and effectively as a team.  Learn about managing areas such as foodservice, front desk, building & maintenance, servicing rooms, activities and staff.  This is a popular and substantial starting point for anyone in the hotel industry.

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Specialist Award In Tourism & Hospitality VTR001

This is awarded on completion of:
  • The units Hotel Management, Food & Beverage Management & Ecotour Management (other options such as Tourism I or Event management may be swapped with these standard modules if you wish)
  • A workplace project or work experience (approved by a tutor from the school, and equal to 200 hours)

This course is designed primarily for people who already have some related qualifications or experience, who seek to supplement their existing skills and gain an industry specific qualification that enhances their employ-ability and capacity to work in tourism and hospitality.

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Tourism I BRT103

YOUR FIRST STEP TO A CAREER IN ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT INDUSTRIES TODAY! The course is designed to develop your skills in Tourism Planning and Management.

The tourism industry encompasses the provision of all those services used by people when travelling away from home, including booking services, transport, accommodation, tourist retail outlets and attractions.

This course provides a foundation for further learning in any or all of these areas, whether on the job or through formal studies.

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Tourism II Special Interest Tourism BTR204

This course aims to develop your ability to manage different types of travel products, with a particular focus on special interest tourism. Builds an understanding of opportunities in such things as business tourism, festival tourism, cultural tourism, environmental tourism, senior tourism, food and wine tourism and much more.

Travel to natural attractions has a very long history, and has probably occurred since humans first developed a sense of aesthetics, may even earlier. Travel to these destinations was often arduous, and required determination, courage, a level of fitness, and sufficient wealth to allow the traveler to purchase food, labour, accommodation, transport and other materials for long periods. Today’s traveler, on the other hand, can reach most destinations easily and quickly, and services and facilities are usually readily available at the site or nearby, and he or she need not be fit or wealthy.

With travel to natural sites easier than ever, and travel more generally affordable, the main concern in developing and maintaining natural sites is manage tourism in order to avoid damage to very attraction that draws people there. This issue is discussed further in the lesson on environmental tourism, but it is a significant issue for all kinds of tourism that attracts travelers to places where they can enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and delights of nature.

Student Comment (M. Soares, Angola): "This has given me insights into world wide tourism, and it helps me to understand how we can develop our tourism without too much damage"

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Wedding Planner BTR104

Become a Wedding Planner!

Learn to plan and manage a wedding.

What could be more rewarding and exciting than planning a wedding for a couple to start their lives together as a married couple? 

A wedding can be the most exciting day of many people's lives. Some are large events, including family and friends and extended family, it takes a lot of planning- this is where you step in and work your organisational magic!

The wedding planner will have a range of tasks from hiring the band, talking to the photographer, finding a caterer, getting low prices for things and above all be VERY well organised. The wedding planner needs to be able to stay calm when everyone around is not. This course will help you gain the fundamental skills and knowledge in weddings and wedding planning.

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