Event Management 1500 hour learning bundle

Obtain the skills to work as an Event Manager


Event Management is an ever-evolving industry with a multitude of career options. If you have the drive to showcase your entrepreneurship,  organisation and leadership  skills, then you can consolidate your potential by studying and gaining knowledge and skills with our 1500 hour study program in Event Management.


Compulsory Modules
The following MUST be completed by all candidates.

Business Studies
Event Management
Project Management
Leisure Facility Management I
Food and Beverage Management
Workplace Health & Safety
Marketing Foundations
Research Project I

Elective Modules
Candidates must in addition, complete any six of the following:

Leisure Facility Management II
Tourism I
Bar Service
Adventure Tourism
Personnel Management
Industrial Psychology
Business Planning
Financial Management
Bookkeeping I
Sales Management
Advertising and Promoting


Leadership Skills

Event Management largely involves having good people management and leadership skills


Good project leaders provide strong guidance and at the same time offer a receptive ear to people with problems. As a leader you must be both a manager and a leader. Managers go to meetings and complete paperwork. Leaders must gain the trust and respect of the project team.

A good manager or supervisor needs to be a good leader. Being in a position of authority does not necessarily mean that a person is an effective leader. An effective leader will be respected and his/her directions will be followed.

The ability to influence attitudes and behaviour of others is what makes a good leader.
It has been said that a leader is an "enabler"; because a good leader enables things to be done.

Different managers or supervisors will lead their subordinates in different ways. Here are just a few of the different styles which might be adopted by a supervisor:

Task-oriented leadership emphasizes getting the job done and concentrating on methods for assigning and organizing work, making decisions and evaluating performance.

Employee-oriented or people oriented leadership concentrates on open communication, and the development of rapport with team members.

Reward-based leadership ties positive feedback and other rewards directly to the work accomplished. This style assumes a high level of performance. Rewards include pay and promotion and support, encouragement, security and respect from the project manager

There are of course many different ways of classifying leadership types.

There is no one leadership style that project managers should adopt – the correct leadership style is the one that provides the best results in a given situation. Some factors that influence the type of leadership used by project managers include:

· team members’ motivation levels and skills – a skilled, motivated workforce will have less need for a
domineering manager and, indeed, will probably not tolerate that style of management
· task urgency – an autocratic leadership style may be tolerated for short periods if urgent tasks are to be
completed but is unlikely to be tolerated if used in more mundane situations
· worker expectations – the team members may become accustomed to a certain type of leadership style and will work best if that style is continued

Why study our course?

The Events Industry is forever changing; and for ongoing success you need to become "connected" and remain "connected", so that you see and adapt to ongoing changes and keep your career in momentum.

Our courses offer the flexibility of self-paced learning online, while being structured to encourage “networking” through a multitude of set tasks and activities encouraging students to connect with industry professionals.

With the strong skills and applications gained through this course, you will have a great standing for any successful management career in event services.

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