Bed and Breakfast Management

Learn to Manage a B and B or Guesthouse

Course Code - BTR203

  • Home based small business
  • Small, medium or large scale
  • Learn to do it better, then plan for less risk and more chance of success before investing too much of your hard earned cash


Course Content

Seven lessons:

1. Introduction to Management & Marketing

2. Facilities and Decor

3. Customer Service

4. Equipment

5. Supplying Meals

6. Food Purchasing

7. Records and Financial Management


Travellers have Accommodation Choices

Accommodation options vary greatly from place to place and time to time. Luxury accommodation (e.g. five-star resorts) can be much more expensive in wealthy countries than in poorer countries. In a poorer country, it may be possible to stay in luxury accommodation for less money than what the bottom-end accommodation might cost in the wealthiest country.

Standards also vary. Five-star accommodation in one country might be different to five- star in another country. Regulations can also become a factor. For example, in Japan it may be illegal for more than two people to stay in a standard hotel room, even when the third person is a toddler or baby. Parents may be forced to upgrade to a deluxe room, even if they don’t want to. Some countries employ hotel inspectors to enforce any standards whereas others do not.

Succeed by Making your B and B a Preferred Option

Accommodation options may include any premises where any of the housekeeping, reception, maintenance, and cleaning services will need to be provided on a larger scale than in a domestic dwelling. The establishment need not necessarily include sleeping accommodation.

Accommodation management usually involves:

  • The provision of accommodation to suit the purpose and the needs of the users.
  • The selling, marketing and promoting of accommodation.
  • The care, maintenance and security of the accommodation.
  • The care, well-being, satisfaction and comfort of the accommodation user.

Guesthouse Accommodation is a broad term that can encompass Bed and Breakfast (B&B’s), Farm Stays, Cabins, Chalets, Pensions and other similar facilities.

A guesthouse is a private house offering paid accommodation. A bed and breakfast is generally a private house offering accommodation and breakfast in a package deal. These are very general definitions, and could relate to any size of accommodation, and any standard of facility or service. In Britain, guesthouses have become most commonly equated with seaside accommodation. In South Africa, guesthouses are generally found in tourist areas. In Australia, guesthouses are often larger facilities, whilst bed and breakfast operations are smaller. 

Guesthouses and B & B's do not have the hustle and bustle of hotels. They are able to provide a simpler form of accommodation, catering to smaller numbers of guests, and providing a more informal or even personal interaction between guests and staff/owners. Many B&B’s are popular as short-stay destinations, typically over a weekend (Friday and Saturday night) or mid-week. Many are located in scenic areas on the outskirts of cities and towns, within easy driving distance for city visitors and residents.

This course is relevant to any type of guesthouse, not only bed and breakfast accommodation.

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