Engineering and Physical Sciences Courses

Alternative Energy VSS102

Distance Education Course in Alternative Energy

Alternative energy sources may well be the way we will all need to live in the future - this course will ensure you are up with new technology in energy:
  • Learn about Alternative Energy
  • Improve your own sustainability, or work in the energy industry

Covers the basics of electricity, how to generate electricity from renewable resources, how to store energy, non electrical systems, energy consumption and conservation. Learn to understand why alternative and renewable energy is so important and how to go about it.

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Electronics BSC113

Learn to understand electricity:

  • what it is
  • how it is measured and used
  • how electronics is applied in the modern world.

This course is a foundation for anyone who works with electricity or electronic equipment, from lights to computers, and household goods.

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Energy Storage VSS206

Learn to understand energy storage
  • Make better choices about how to manage the storage of energy
  • Understand battery technology


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Engineering I - Machinery and Equipment BSC105

Study Basic Engineering

A course for Farmers, Horticulturists, Professional Gardeners.

This course gives you the knowledge and develops your ability to independently manage the selection, operation and maintenance of tools and machinery used in professional gardening (grounds-keeping, parks management etc), agriculture and horticulture.

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Engineering II - BSC205

EXPAND YOUR ENGINEERING KNOW HOW This course complements Engineering I, developing skills to apply appropriate and innovative engineering solutions, to improve efficiency and productivity in agriculture and horticulture. This course covers: surveying, earthworks, water management, environmental control (eg. heating, cooling, ventilation, etc.), fencing, chemical applications, mechanising manual tasks, improving engineering efficiency/operations and developing engineering solutions to different workplace tasks/problems.

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Mechanics BSS102

Learn about Mechanics

This course provides an understanding of machines. As such it forms a foundation for understanding the scope and nature of machines; possibilities for achieving more efficient work outcomes with machines; how to make better choices of what machine to use for what job, and how to manage and maintain machinery you use.

Machines include obvious things such as cars and garden equipment; but also machinery used in factories, offices and other workplaces, and machines used to make life easier in our houses, from kitchen appliances to vacuum cleaners. A kitchen food processor is a machine, and are cars and robots. This course is relevant to all of these things.

When you better understand machines, you have a greater capacity to work in any industry. 


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Physics BSC206

Develop a fundamental understanding of physics

as a foundation to applying theoretical physics in any world situations, from engineering and environmental management to rural industries and health sciences.

What sorts of things will you learn in this course? Maths is the language of physics. Much of physics is about explaining physical phenomena and being able to create predictive mathematical models or theories to explain why things occur as they do and be able to predict future results in a reliable manner.

Study from home, but have tutor help available when you need it!

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Robotics BSC116

Study Robotics to Discover How Robots are Used in the World Around Us

Robots are part of our lives. Some robots are more obvious such as those used in car manufacturing plants or those in distribution warehouses. However others are less obvious because they do not move. Nevertheless, robots have significant and valuable uses.  

Robotics is an ever-expanding field and there are opportunities for people to be involved in the design, construction, and operation of robots.

Study this course to gain a solid foothold in this fascinating field. Learn about different types of robots, how robots can move, how robots orient in space, and where robots can be used to make our lives more fulfilling. The course may be used as a springboard for further study or just to satisfy your curiosity.  

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Small Equipment Repair VSS203

Learn to Repair Machines and Equipment
  • Start a small business
  • Repair and recycle for yourself and others
  • Learn more, expand what you can do for work or home

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