Small Equipment Repair VSS203

Learn to fix Problems

A foundation for working in a workshop; or just making on site repairs to keep work moving when problems arise.


Course Content

Eight lessons as follows:

  1. Scope and Nature of Small Equipment Repair
  2. Equipment, Tools and Safety 
  3. Practices and Techniques Used in Repair
  4. Parts for Small Appliances or Equipment
  5. Household Appliances
  6. Motor and Engine Repair
  7. Trades Equipment Repair
  8. Responsible recycling

What is Involved in Equipment Repair?

There are so many different devices and tools used in both homes and workplaces, and new ones are being developed manufactured and launched into the market all the time. Every product has the potential to break, sometimes with with only minor issues that can be repaired, and other times with more major issues that are not viable to repair. The first task of the repairer is to determine if it is or is not viable to repair something.

Typical issues that arise include:

  • Power to a device being disrupted (which is often repairable)
  • Parts becoming detached which is often repairable)
  • Parts weakening or wearing out (which might be replaceable, but may not be repairable).

This course helps you to make these judgements, then builds your capacity to do what is needed after that.

Appliances and equipment are made up of many component parts and a basic understanding of these parts can assist in both understanding how an appliance or equipment works and identifying where a problem may be. The following lesson aims to describe some of the major parts regularly seen across a range of appliances along with some guidance on what to do for troubleshooting and repair.

Many repair jobs there will be a need to attach parts together or to mend something which has detached. There are various methods which can be adopted to do this based on the type of repair and material. 

Safety is of of course of paramount concern in all types of work but particularly when dealing with electricity, power tools, heave, or sharp objects. Wherever tools and equipment are being used there are hazards and potential risks of injury, and part of this course is to learn more about appropriate safety.


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