Buildings and Construction Courses

Advanced Certificate in Home Renovation VSS010

Renovating your home? Improving your garden?

If you are in the throes of doing this or have always dream of doing up your own home, why not take this course and learn more about home and garden renovation.


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Building Renovation BSS104

Learn how to renovate buildings, from planning through to practical skills

Whether you are wishing to renovate a commercial or residential property, take this course to get a taste of a variety of skills from painting to plastering, and carpentry to brickwork. 

  • Improve the value of your own property
  • Reduce your reliance on tradesmen
  • Renovate, resell and make a profit
  • Set yourself up for a business or career opportunities in construction or property management


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Cabinet Making BSS201

Learn Cabinet Making Online
  • How to make or repair cabinets
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Bathroom and laundry renovations
  • Shopfitting and other applications

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Carpentry BSS100

Learn how to build things using timber  This course is a foundation course in carpentry techniques.   Learn about different types of timber and laminates, how to use different tools, and practical skills from cutting and joining to finishing timber.   Put what you learn into practice through woodwork projects built into the course.    You will learn important aspects of carpentry to develop practical skills which can be applied as a:
  • Handyman
  • Home renovator
  • Landscaper
  • Property manager
  • Farmer
  • DIYer
  • ...and more

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Certificate in Building Renovation VSS013

Learn to Renovate Buildings Learn to understand building methods and techniques, and how to plan and manage a building renovation property - both exterior and interior.

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Certificate in Construction ASS300

A Foundation Course to Work in the Construction Industry 

Learn about building construction - managing construction projects working with wood, brick, stone and lots more.

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Interior Design Fundamentals

Study Interior Design from Home

Self paced 100 hour course


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Materials Technology VSS202

Manage selection and use of different materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics and others for the creation and repair of a wide variety of products.  

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Painting & Decorating VSS201

Study Painting & Decorating Online 

This course teaches you all you need to know about painting and decorating to feel confident to tackle any job. 

It tells you the tools of the trade and how to use them as well as how to decide which finishes are best for different types of surfaces in different types of rooms. 

But it doesn't just include paints and wallpapers. It delves into tiling, panelling and how to create special effects with paints. 

Learn how to prepare and finish both interior and exterior surfaces using paints, wallpaper, stains, and other finishes. Become skilled for trades or home renovations.


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Stone Masonry BSS101

Learn to Build with Concrete, Stone and Brick

Learn about how to make things using different masonry materials. Find out about laying foundations, cutting and bonding brick and stone, and finishing masonry surfaces. Put what you learn throughout this course into practice with your own masonry project.  

Whether to fulfil personal or professional needs, this course will develop your understanding of different types of materials and techniques used to create buildings, interior and exterior building features and landscape features.

It is of value to anyone who is involved with property management, maintenance or construction. It relates to commercial and residential construction and to landscape construction as well.

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