Cabinet Making BSS201

Learn Cabinet Making Online

  • How to make or repair cabinets
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Bathroom and laundry renovations
  • Shopfitting and other applications


Course Duration - 100 hours


Course Content

Lesson 1. Nature & Scope of Cabinet Making

  • Introduction to Cabinet Making
  • Design of Cabinets
  • Types of Cabinets
  • Construction Materials 
  • Career Opportunities in Cabinet Making 

Lesson 2. The Cabinet Maker’s Workshop

  • Introduction to the Workshop
  • Workshop Safety 
  • Workshop Tools and Equipment 
  • Hand Tools 
  • Power Tools & Machinery 
  • Sawing Machines 
  • Other Equipment 
  • Tool Care 

Lesson 3. Job Preparation

  • Introduction to Planning 
  • Taking Measurements 
  • Measurement Equipment 
  • Understanding Technical Drawing 
  • Types of Drawings 
  • Making Drawings for Clients 
  • Taking On-Site Measurements 
  • Estimating Costs

Lesson 4. Cabinet Construction

  • Benchtops 
  • Strength in Construction 
  • Frameless Construction
  • Framed Construction
  • Cabinet Making Jigs 
  • Adhesives and Sealants

Lesson 5. Cabinet Doors

  • Introduction to Doors 
  • Cabinet Styles 
  • Types of Cabinet Doors 
  • How to Make Doors 
  • Hanging Cabinet Doors 
  • Hinge Types and Installing Hinges
  • Sliding Doors 

Lesson 6. Cabinet Drawers

  • Drawer Design Introduction
  • Making Drawers
  • Types of Joints 
  • Drawer Fronts/Panels 
  • Installing Drawers 
  • Installing Kitchen Benchtops or Work Surfaces 
  • Installing Wall Cabinets
  • Adjusting Fitted Units 

Lesson 7. Onsite Installation

  • Installing Base or Floor Cabinets 
  • Installing Benchtops or Work Surfaces
  • Installing Wall Cabinets
  • Adjusting Fitted Cabinets 

Lesson 8. Free-Standing Cabinets

  • Versatility of Free Standing Cabinets 
  • Types of Cabinets Room by Room
  • How to Make Free-Standing Cabinets 

Lesson 9. Finishes & Furniture

  • Surface Preparation for Finishes 
  • Finishing with Paint 
  • Using Stains 
  • Special Finishes - Veneers 
  • Natural Timbers Finishes 
  • Outdoor Finishes 
  • Protecting the Insides of Cabinets
  • Cabinet Furniture 

Lesson 10. Special Project – Build a Cabinet 

Option A: Making a Cabinet
For this option the cabinet to be constructed can be a relatively simple cabinet such as a small wall cabinet/medicine cabinet for a bathroom, or it can be a free-standing cabinet like a dressing table or linen cupboard, or it can be a fitted cabinet like a built-in wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, or kitchen unit. 

Option B: Restoring or Altering a Cabinet
Alternative project for those unable to make a cabinet:
Students must restore a cabinet or make significant alterations to a cabinet. The cabinet selected for restoration or modification can be any sort of cabinet that the student has access to. 




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