Building Renovation BSS104

Evaluate, Plan, and Make Good Decisions in Your Next Renovation Project

Building renovation projects may be large or small, costly or expensive, complex or simple. All such projects should be carefully evaluated and planned before work begins. In this course, you'll learn how to define the work you want done, assess, plan, and "talk the talk" if hiring on a contractor. Learn the basics to project manage construction.

Whether you are wishing to renovate a commercial or residential property, take this course to get a taste of a variety of skills from painting to plastering, and carpentry to brickwork.  This course is also an excellent starting point for improving or better maintaining your own property. Practical and theory tasks included.

Course Duration: 100 hours

Course Structure

This course is ten lessons.

  1. Introduction to Building Renovation Projects
    • What & why are you renovating?
    • How Do You Judge what is Worth Doing?
    • Where to Begin?
    • What Rooms to Renovate
    • Manage Risks and Avoid Surprises
    • Gathering the Facts
    • What are the costs?
    • Dealing with Subcontractors and Tradesmen
    • Selecting Tradesmen
    • Safety on a site
  2. Core Structural and Site Works
    • Moisture problems
    • Fire damage
    • Foundations
    • Load-bearing beams
    • Repairing damaged walls or roofs
  3. Replacing/Repairing Roofs and Floors
    • Roof Coverings
    • Roof Repair Jobs
    • Replacing Slates
    • Replacing Tiles
    • Repairing Flashings
    • Temporary Roofs
    • Cleaning and Painting
    • Floors
    • Floor repair jobs
    • How to Replace a Suspended Timber Floor
    • Cleaning & Staining
    • Coverings
  4. Doors, Windows and Walls
    • Wall Maintenance
    • Repair Jobs
    • Windows
    • Choosing Materials
    • Types of Window
    • How to Repair Broken Window Glass
    • Doors
    • Considerations
    • Types of Doors
    • How to Hang a Door
    • Adjusting Existing Doors
  5. Plastering
    • Tools
    • Plastering
    • Plasterboards
    • Cutting Plasterboard
    • Fixing Plasterboards to Walls
    • Jointing Plasterboard
    • How to Repair Holes in Plasterboard
    • How to Repair Cracks
    • Fixing Plasterboard to Ceilings
    • How to Plaster Over Plasterboards
    • Finishing Outside Corners
    • Tiles
    • Tiling Tools
    • Floors
    • How to Tile a Wall
  6. Carpentry Reno  
    • Carpentry tools
    • Power tools
    • Choosing wood
    • Buying wood
    • Working with wood
    • Cutting & joining
    • Fixing joints
    • Finishing
    • Applying Woodwork Skills
  7. Painting  
    • Painting tools
    • Paint Work
    • Before Painting
    • Sanding
    • Preparing to Paint
    • What to Paint a Surface With
    • Getting ready to paint
    • Using Brushes
    • Cleaning & Storage of Brushes
    • Using Rollers
    • Cleaning & Storage of Rollers
    • Sprayers (spray painting)
  8. Plumbing Basics   
    • Roof Plumbing and Guttering
    • Water supply
    • Plumbing tools
    • Plumbing fittings
    • Earth bonding
    • Sanitary appliances
  9. Electrical Basics   
    • What is electricity?
    • Basic home electrics
    • Tools
    • Other Tools
    • Basic Wiring Jobs
    • Solar Power
    • Energy Ratings
  10. Renovating a Room  
    • Planning a Room Renovation
    • A Schedule of Works
    • Planning Time
    • Drawing up a Budget
    • Project Management
    • Choosing Materials and Appliances
    • Special Project

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What and Why are You Renovating?

Some things are worth renovating. They add more value to a property than what is injected in terms of time, money and effort. Other things are simply not going to add comparable value to a property.

People tend to renovate for one or more of the following reasons:
  • To add value to a property prior to sale; so as to increase profit when it is sold.
  • To make it more salable, prior to sale. Some properties can simply be very difficult to sell, without first renovating features that dissuade buyers.
  • To add value for the owners, increasing their equity, hence increasing their overall wealth. They may continue living in a property, but it will be worth more; and that extra equity increases their financial security and capacity to borrow money.
  • To make a property more liveable; improving the quality of the lifestyle of those who live there.
  • To adapt to a change in life circumstances e.g. children grow up and leave the family home, elderly parents may come to live with their adult children, elderly people may need alterations so they can cope with mobility or other issues.
  • To provide a sense of satisfaction and/or achievement. Some people may renovate because they want to, without being driven by any of the above reasons. Renovation projects undertaken without a distinct and identifiable reason though, can potentially cost more than they are worth.

How Can This Course Help Me?

This course is designed to be of benefit to people who are interested in learning how to renovate buildings for themselves or in business. It will also be of value to those who are operating an existing property development business who would like to broaden their knowledge.

Take this course if you would like to:
  • Find ways to improve an existing renovation business
  • Enhance your employability in construction and building maintenance
  • Improve your knowledge of practical aspects of building renovation
  • Buy a property with a view to renovating it

This course may be studied by itself or along with other 100-hour modules as part of a learning package.

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