Advanced Certificate in Home Renovation VSS010

Renovating your home? Improving your garden?

If you are in the throes of doing this or have always dream of doing up your own home, why not take this course and learn more about home and garden renovation.

Learn the basics of home and garden renovation with our academics. Building on a set of core modules with a practical focus, you'll learn how to evaluate a project and begin work. Later, you'll customise your program with one of our specialty modules to create the project of your dreams.

Course Duration: 900 hours

Course Structure

Nine modules, three compulsory and six elective.

Core Modules:

Elective Modules:

Select any six of the following.

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Where Does a Reno Project Start?

Building renovation projects may be large or small, costly or expensive, complex or simple. All such projects should be carefully considered with respect to these issues before anything is ever done. Any project can be disruptive for a home owner. The longer it takes to complete, the more disruptive it can be. Give serious consideration to what is an acceptable level of disruption, and make sure everyone concerned understands the time frame which needs to be worked to.

For any project to be successful it should be realistically conceived and its execution should be planned to achieve a useful outcome within the constraints of financial and other resources available, and with a comfortable margin of error.

Face Reality from the Start!

Renovation projects commonly do not go exactly to plan. This is because there are inevitably unpredictable factors at play which can impact a project as you proceed. Always expect the unexpected.

Obtaining Permits

Whilst sometimes things go smoothly, permits can be delayed. If possible apply for permits well in advance. Work cannot proceed without appropriate permits or progressive inspections. Requirements are varied according to the jurisdiction and applicable regulations. Often finalising government permits (such as a building addition) can be highly unpredictable. You may submit plans and expect a fast response; but there are rarely guarantees. Do not plan for a start date on any renovation until after all required permits are in place.

Hidden Defects

Structural defects or deterioration may be hidden until after work starts. You can’t know whether the internal, hidden parts of a structure are sound, until after you begin to dismantle or renovate what is there now e.g. removing plaster from a wall may reveal rot or corrosion in what lies behind, or removing wallpaper could reveal subsidence cracks. 

Bad Weather

Weather can be unpredictable. Work can be stopped or slowed by abnormal weather such as an early wet season, an abnormal heat wave, a storm, a severe cold snap, etc. This is more likely to be a problem where roofs, walls or windows need repair or replacement, or where access to the site is difficult. 


Materials and Equipment Supplies can be unpredictable. Building materials supplies may be scheduled to be delivered on particular dates, but things do go wrong; shipments get delayed; bespoke fittings may take longer to make or for suitable manufacturers to be found, and when other delays force a rescheduling of a delivery that can have flow on impacts.

After You Graduate

Some graduates will establish a business, small or large. Others may find employment in the construction industry, and yet others may continue their studies, formally or informally, to learn more about building and construction.

  • You may use these studies to buy, improve and sell properties for a profit.
  • Alternatively, you may find employment with a building supplies company, or a construction company.  

Options for graduates from this course are diverse and in today's world, changing fast. Unforeseen opportunities are likely to emerge between now and when you complete your studies.

Our expert and experienced tutors stand ready to support you, discussing possibilities after you finish your course.

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