Do you want a job  that gets you out of bed with a smile on your face?

Are you dreaming of a  career in land management where every day is different? Or perhaps you want to have a job that combines production with ethics or even a job where you only work outdoors?  There are many career options out there for you ranging from traditional jobs in environmental management and planning through employment in recycling companies; water and wastewater management; ‘green’ organisations; parks, vegetation and wildlife management; farming and forestry etc.

With our increasing world population and the ensuing intense pressures on the environment, the world has never been in greater need of good land managers.


What is DNA?

By ACS Distance Education on November 15, 2016 in | comments

DNA is a chemical that is crucial to all life on earth.

Most people know the term; but unless you have studied chemistry or biological science you may not fully understand what DNA actually is.


What Causes Storms

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A storm may be described as any disturbance in the state of an atmosphere which results in an effect on the associated surface and severe weather.

Storms are typically associated with strong winds, rain and/or other precipitation such as hail and snow. Strong winds are also associated with storms as are substance storms such as dust storms and sandstorms.


Seven Reasons to Mulch in Summer

By ACS Distance Education on November 11, 2016 in Farming & Horticulture | comments

Summer can be a testing time for plants in any garden.

As the weather gets warmer and days longer, the foliage of plants are going to be exposed to hot air; and the roots are likely to become warmer as well, as the spoil heats up. Most plants grow best at temperatures between about 15 and 24 degrees celsius; and clearly summer heat can go beyond that. In addition, hotter conditions result in drier conditions. When plants do get watered, humidity will be higher in the heat, and with increased humidity comes increased risk of disease


7 Ways to Test Brain Function

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How can we Know What is Happening inside a living human Brain?

Psychologists have developed a range of different ways to study the brain. Our courses in biopsychology and neuropsychology can help you better understand the brain and the ways in which we study brain function.

This is a fascinating area to study, with broader applications than you might realize. It can help anyone better understand people in any context from health professions to welfare, teaching, HR management and beyond.