Where Do Your Course Fees Go?

By ACS Distance Education on August 25, 2017 in Education | comments

You can learn without undertaking an accredited course.

You can undertake an accredited course without learning.

In the education industry, everything does cost. Either it costs the students in course fees, or it costs the tax payer in government subsidies.

  • It costs to create the learning materials for a course
  • It costs to deliver those learning materials to the student
  • It costs to support the student as they study, with administration, mentoring and anything else they require
  • It costs to market the course - even government universities spend a lot on marketing
  • It costs to gain and maintain accreditation from a third party.

The first three points above are what really make the difference to your education. Marketing and accreditation are add-ons that may have some value, but in the grand scheme of things are secondary.

At ACS Distance Education; we understand this, and we believe a student who pays for their education deserves to have most of their money spent on supporting their learning rather than being diverted to the costs associated with marketing and accreditation.  Not all colleges (or universities) do this.


We find we get better results in our graduates than many other institutions by being more strongly focused on your learning.