VET Funding Crisis

By ACS Distance Education on December 13, 2017 in Jobs Success | comments

VET's Funding Keeps Falling (from today's Australian newspaper) - Training's share of education spending plummeted by 30% in little over a decade....".

At the same time, tradesmen are earning more and in higher demand than ever.  The quality of trades training may be falling, and subsidised training may be diminishing, but is it really such a big thing for people to pay for their own education in a trade if it is leading to reliable and high paid work? 

Maybe we just need a shift in mindset to the reality that the VET option is a self funded option - We just need more self funded, quality, VET courses.

Here at ACS, we are developing them (eg. )

We have more in the pipeline - if there is something you are looking for and can't find, tell us & we might develop it for you.