Quick Propagation

By ACS Distance Education on September 29, 2014 in Herbs & Horticulture | comments
The end of summer and early autumn is a perfect period to do last minute cutting propagation for many of your favourite plants. 
Lavenders, rosemary and most other garden shrubs do very well if propagated at the end of summer. A lot of deciduous plants (eg. Hydrangeas, Plums, Crepe Myrtle), can be propagated in winter. Many herbaceous plants will grow well taken as tip cuttings in spring. These are general guideliones though; and there are always exceptions to the rules.

To propagate a plant like lavender:-
1. Cut a 7-12 cm long piece of lavender with the flower stalk removed.
2. Trim the lower 2/3 of the leaves off and cut the base at a slight angle.
3. Dip the cut base into a hormone solution (powder or liquid) available from your garden centre.
4. Insert the cutting into a pot filled with propagation mix then lightly water in.
5. Cover the cuttings with a recycled mini-glasshouse (made from the base of a plastic soft drink bottle) or place the pot in a protected location. 
6. Keep an eye on the cuttings so that they do not dry out.

In about 3-6 weeks the cuttings should have struck roots and will be ready for planting into individual pots.

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