Did you hate chemistry at school because it was boring? Daunting?   But now you need to understand environmental chemistry basics for your job?  Have a look at our Environmental-Chemistry course which starts at basics and leads you into the fascinating world of chemicals in the environment.  Become familiar with names like POPs (sounds friendly but it isn’t – Persistent Organic Pollutants) and PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons released when fuels or organic matter are burned). Learn the difference between oxygen and ozone. Understand how, what and where chemicals occur in air, water and soil, including the good, the bad, the ugly. Find out about greenhouse gases and their sources such as burning of vegetation and fossil fuels.

Each day >15000 new chemicals are registered, adding to the 129 million chemical substances* already known in the world (Chemical Abstracts Service CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society April 2017). But what happens when these are used in our environment? Used in everyday items such as foods, household cleaners, beauty products, prescription drugs etc?  Do you want to start understanding this unfolding conflict between what is being made, what we actually need and the fate of chemicals that do not break down?


Our new Environmental Chemistry course can set you on this pathway to understand what chemicals are out there, their movement and fate in our world and how we can measure these and remediate problems. Many new chemicals have improved our health, increased food production and made our lives easier—think water purification, fertilizers and plastics. However, there are always consequences to using chemicals. We need to understand these so we can better manage them.


In this course you will also investigate air, water and soil sampling and testing techniques and understand the goals of green chemistry and sustainability.



This course can be taken by itself or combined with others to obtain a Certificate-in-applied-science or choose your own selection of courses for a  Bespoke Environmental Certificate

Also take a look at our informative Land-management-and-rehabilitation-ebook with lots of practical advice.