Motivational Speaker Work

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Motivational speakers are sometimes guest speakers at events too. Generally coaches who talk to small or large groups are work on consultants rate, employed to motivate people to improve in a particular area of their lives. For example, a motivational speaker may talk to people on how they set up their own business and how people can do this in an inspiring and interesting way.  

Scope of Work

Work involves:

  • Preparing for talks - research, planning, writing, self motivation, self grooming
  • Travel - to and from venues, preparatory meetings
  • Professional Development - networking, PD study, travel, conferences
  • Speaking - time spent actually speaking may be a small % of total time worked
  • Administration - record keeping, financial management, accountability, reporting, marketing
  • Motivational speakers will be good public speakers and also have a good understanding of what motivates and inspires people.
  • New methods and ideas are explored.
  • Attainable goals are discussed and explored.
  • At the end of your talk the group walks away motivated and inspired

Motivational speakers may be contracted by Sporting clubs, Corporations, Industry associations, education institutions and others. They may present at private functions, fund raising dinners, awards ceremonies, through electronic media or elsewhere.

What You Need to Learn

  • Communication skills - verbal, non-verbal, educating audiences or groups, interpersonal skills
  • Public speaking skills - ways to engage an audience, hold their attention and inspire them, use of props, anecdotes, etc.
  • Specific knowledge - a thorough working knowledge of the subject(s) you speak on
  • Personal attributes - commitment, self-discipline, enthusiasm, innovation, charisma, personal appearance
  • Motivation skills - advising, leadership, facilitation, incentives
  • Planning skills - time management, demonstrations, planning schedules
  • Presentation - use of software, projectors, microphones, technical equipment, online media & conferencing  

Starting a Career

Most motivational speakers don’t become one overnight. Many initially offer their services free of charge. Once a motivational speaker becomes known for their inspirational approaches to their subjects they are more likely to be offered paid work.

Ways to get into motivation speaking:

  • Start with what you know and identify an audience.
  • Offer to speak free of charge -e.g. community organisations, schools
  • Market yourself – build a website, on social media, write blogs, network.
  • Take opportunities as you see them – if you see a need for a public speaker and you have the skills and the right subject matter apply to speak.
  • Develop your ideas and how to come up with new ideas and ways to inspire, engage and motivate your audience.

Progressing a Career

In public speaking the way you deliver your message can be more important than the message itself.  
It is mostly the audience and their responses that determines your career progresses.

Before you speak publicly always test your content – you can do this through your website, on internet video, through your blogs. People inspired online by your work will want to hear more.
Network with people such as event planners, people or organisations that you know could be interested in what you have to say. Network with other public speakers.
Continue to market yourself – offer potential clients demonstration videos, access to your website and blogs and audience reviews.