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The opportunities are endless for people who want to work leisure services!

Read below for information on the scope of work, how you can go about starting a career, and what professional development you should undertake if you already work in this industry.  


Scope of Work

Leisure services for general well-being include a broad range of industries and positions, such as restaurants, parks, playgrounds, tourist centres, entertainment centres, sporting facilities, and so on. Really, it can be anywhere where people actively spend time with a view to relaxation and enjoyment. 


What You Need to Learn

  • Event management - knowledge of how to arrange tours & events, liaising with event contractors
  • Project management - plan and oversee projects from beginning to end, large or small  
  • Communication skills - how to interact with customers, network with tour operators, make bookings
  • Marketing skills - promotions & advertising, fundraising
  • Selling skills - sell tours, events, products, keeping inventories
  • Health & safety - assessment of risks & hazards, use of personal protective equipment, fire alarms & drills, location of first aid kits, basic first aid procedures, OH & S standards
  • Legal & ethical issues - legislation, sanitation, etc.
  • Maintenance - grounds, gardens, buildings, furnishings

Starting a Career

The great news is there are many ways to start your career in leisure! We can separate this sector into sports and fitness, entertainment and dining, hobbies and outdoor pursuits.

If you are interested in sports and fitness leisure then you can get work in swimming pools, sports grounds, parks which house sports facilities, ski resorts and so on.

Entertainment and dining establishments offer casual positions during the busiest times of year and this could be a good way to get some basic experience.  

Outdoor pursuits could include parks, gardens, reserves, guided walks, and so forth. Again, there are often seasonal jobs which could help you to get a feel for this industry sector.

Whichever area of leisure appeals to you most, you can increase your chances of getting started in this field by:

  • Taking some foundation study courses - learn the basics
  • Join some local clubs e.g. sports clubs, garden clubs
  • Volunteer to help out at community events e.g. help arrange the seating, prepare or serve food, etc.     

Progressing a Career

To progress a career in leisure you need to expand your skill set. This means as you take on more senior roles you can side step if necessary (e.g. from a sports facility to a holiday resort) where you can continue to gain experience. Being multi skilled also equips you to meet challenges and evolve as a person.

Some ways to build your skills and industry knowledge include:

  • Undertake professional development -  take training opportunities within and outside of work
  • Take courses - online, part time and distance education provide excellent opportunities to boost your knowledge
  • Go to workshops and seminars where you can
  • Join a professional industry body - you can keep up to date with what's happening in your industry
  • Go to trade shows, fairs and conferences - you'll find out about products and services, the latest technology, what's new overseas, etc.
  • Network - talk to others in your industry, join online interest groups, etc.   



Recommended Course - Certificate of Leisure Management.  Download the course information here


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