Higher Education is Failing

By ACS Distance Education on August 14, 2019 in Careers & Education | comments

This could be worth a quick browse. Interesting article on what is not working in Higher Education (published in "Inside Higher Education - Steven Mintz, August 201)  Mintz highlighted a failure to innovate and adapt in the higher education sector. eg. failure to make major areas of study marketable, failure to reduce tuition costs, failure to measure learning, etc.

Many of these issues are caused by a single problem --- management models governing mainstream higher ed are cumbersome. Most established colleges, and certainly accreditation systems, have safety mechanisms to ensure quality is not compromised. Safety mechanisms however also slow and sometimes hinder decision making. It's a delicate balance - there are lots of new players causing rapid change (with the safety off) - some will succeed, others will crash. Old institutions that are playing it safe are risk averse, but in being so, are risk being left behind. Not moving fast in itself could be a greater risk. The mechanisms that drive established institutions are a potential problem - but the people working in those institutions may also be as much of a problem. They are conditioned to work a certain way, in a certain system; and those people may be at best blind to what is happening beyond their system; and at worst so resistant to change that any initiative for change may be impaired.