How to select the right course for you?

There is so much pressure to decide on a career path and many people assume that by studying one course will ensure that they will be guaranteed a job once they complete their studies. This is not always the case. Many people also find themselves beginning a course and not completing it fully, finding they have large education debt (HECS debt) and then becoming a bit lost.


This doesn't have to be the case. Here are some recommendations that we often tell our students and prospective students when they are seeking advice on what to study...



5 ways to select the right course for you and future success:


1/ Interest Area- Is the area something that you are really interested and passionate about?

If you study something that interests you, you are more likely to stick with it and you be able to build on it. Sometimes, you may be really passionate about a topic, but cannot see a direct career path- this is fine. Once you get into a topic, you may find some unique opportunities that you can take advantage of in that particular area.


2/ Start with your goals?

Ask yourself- Why do I want to study? What is the purpose of my study?


3/ Your resources- How much time, money, energy do you have to study?

If you have other things that take up your time that you have to consider, this should be factored in. Don't be over-ambitious. Work, family, social, sporting and other commitments may need to be taken into account. You could quickly jot down your daily timetable and see where study will realistically fit and how much time each week you can commit to studying.


4/What do you know about potential jobs or business opportunities in the area?

Conduct a short industry overview. Look at the jobs in the industry, the potential for starting a business in the industry and think about what would suit you.


5/ Ask questions- if you are unsure, ask someone.

Talk to course providers, speak to people in the industry, industry associations, potential employers or even look online- Linked In as well as many online industry forums may be a good place to start.