Testing Personality in a Job Interview

By ACS Distance Education on July 29, 2016 in Jobs Success | comments

Employing new staff is difficult.

New staff always need to work with existing staff as a cohesive team; but integrating someone new into an established team can sometimes be like trying to solved sand in water.

It isn't just a matter of making sure that the skills set of the new person complements the existing team; but it is also a matter of ensuring attitudes and personalities blend together smoothly.


Simple Solutions to Nutrition are Dangerous

By ACS Distance Education on July 22, 2016 in Food & Health | comments

Depending upon our diet, genetics, lifestyle and possibly other factors; we all absorb nutrients into our bodies and end up with a very different nutritional status to everyone else.

Each of us has blood flowing through our veins with a cocktail of nutrients that varies to the cocktail flowing through the next person.

If you want to improve the cocktail of nutrients in any one individual, you need to understand everything that is unique about that person -what is and is not in their blood; and what is not right in that mix.



Stingless Bees

By ACS Distance Education on July 19, 2016 in Environmental Issues, Farming & Horticulture | comments

There are such things as stingless bees; and both in Australia and Africa, they are kept by some people to produce honey.

They may not produce the same quantity as a more common honey bee; but the honey is still sweet, and usually has a slightly different flavour, making it highly attractive to some food connoisseurs.

Bees are also very important to pollination of food crops; so keeping stingless bees is a bonus for anyone growing fruit or vegetables.