Caring for Cats

By ACS Distance Education on March 15, 2016 in | comments

Although cats may breed throughout the year, particularly in warmer climates or if they are reared as indoor cats, spring through to late summer is the time of year when most kittens are born because female cats usually come into heat, or oestrus, from late winter through to summer.  This means that the birth of kittens coincides with longer day lengths at a time when food sources are abundant and they therefore have a greater chance of survival in the wild. Because there is a surge in kitten numbers over the warmer months, many sadly end up being euthanized since there simply aren't enough people willing to take them on as pets.     



Farmers may soon put “drone-flying” along with “tractor-driving” as a necessary skill.  Drones (or UAV -unmanned aerial vehicles) used to be reserved for military or spying operations.  These days, they are serving a more green purpose, helping farmers to obtain low-altitude aerial views of their property whenever they want. This can help farmers quickly identify stressed crops and pinpoint where water, fertiliser, pest or weed control is required.  They are also used to monitor livestock location and animal health and to identify problems with irrigation equipmentDrones usually fly anything from a few metres to around 100 metres above ground, so there is no cloud interference and images are much clearer. No wonder that the demand for drones in farming is steadily rising!