Taking some time out for yourself every day from the daily grind can be a positive experience and help reduce your stress levels. Remember the reason that you are doing the activity- for yourself. If you are looking about and comparing yourself with others or judging your performance, it may not be beneficial to you. Besides increasing your fitness, activities will also increase your endorphins and help you feel good all round. Here are 5 activities that you could try out to reduce stress and make you feel great!


To Prune or Not to Prune?

By ACS Distance Education on February 2, 2016 in Horticulture | comments

That is the question. Is it nobler to leave your plants as they are and suffer in your mind? Should you prepare to face the slings and arrows of your neighbour's wrath over your unkempt garden specimens, or is it time to take up your secateurs and put an end to your troubles so you can finally get some sleep?

OK that's all perhaps a little melodramatic, but pruning is a dilemma many of us face. Whether it is a tree or bush which has become unruly or a plant which has lost its vigour, how do you know what to prune and how much you can safely remove? We've all seen the results of gung-ho attempts to cut back plants, and they're often not pretty.