22 Ways to Conserve Water

By ACS Distance Education on December 25, 2016 in Environmental Issues | comments

Water is a valuable resource, and in many parts of the world it is a commodity under pressure. If we don't have enough water in the extreme industry grinds to a halt, and people can even die.

There are two ways to deal with limited water supply. One is to obtain more water; but that can be a costly and perhaps limited option. The better option is to use water resources more wisely.


Overcoming Writers Block

By ACS Distance Education on December 23, 2016 in Education | comments

Writing is part of daily life for everyone today. We write texts, emails ans students write assignments. People write reports at work; and some regularly write professionally - web site content, blogs, advertising material, articles and even books.

With writing being so important to us; it can be a disaster when you struggle to find inspiration or motivation to take words out of your head and assemble them well in your writing. Some call this "writers block".

Managing Animal Nutrition and Health

By ACS Distance Education on December 21, 2016 in Animals | comments

Full health checks should be completed for any domestic or captive animals regularly to ensure any health issues may be picked up early. 

Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and infections are always a risk for any animal in your care. Detecting and reacting to problems early is always the better than letting an issue go undetected for too long.

It is important to learn to complete a home health check if you are an owner, or work with animals.  Health checks are a way of picking up any injury or illness before it worsens.  You can basically start from the head and work the way down the legs and then to the tail, covering all areas of the body. 


What is CSS

By ACS Distance Education on December 17, 2016 in Jobs Success | comments

CSS is an important tool used for creating web pages

You can learn about this and a whole lot more in our html -writing a website, online course.

These are skills that are valuable in just about any business or office today.

If you wish to improve your own business or career prospects; this is a great course to undertake.


Aquaponics allows you to grow both plants (eg. vegetables) and fish in the same system. It can be operated on a small scale at home to feed a family, or on a large scale as a commercial farm. This is a complicated way of growing though, with significant benefits, but also challenges. You can do a lot more with less land, but you do need more equipment and technical know how.

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