What will Change in 2016

By ACS Distance Education on December 31, 2015 in Built Environment & Health | comments

Change has become the norm, in every corner of our world.

Over the past decade, the speed of change has increased, every year; and there's nothing to suggest that situation will be any different in 2016.

Change can bring both opportunity, and instability.

A rapidly changing world is harder to control, but also offers greater opportunities for those who embrace the situation.

What this is driving change; and where might the world take us across 2016?


Drug Addiction

By ACS Distance Education on December 7, 2015 in | comments
The types of substances which people may become dependent upon include illicit drugs (cannabis, heroin, cocaine, etc.) and legal drugs (alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, over-the-counter medications and prescription medications). There are also behaviours which induce similar highs to substances which can also become addictive, which we'll come to later. 

20 Ways to Influence a Child's Intelligence

By ACS Distance Education on December 3, 2015 in Psychology | comments
Parents and others can contribute in a big way toward a child's intellectual development through the opportunities and experiences they present to a developing child. The right opportunities have a positive effect, but lack of opportunity can suppress the intellect and have lifelong implications.