Starting Your Career in Nutrition

By ACS Distance Education on November 27, 2022 in Careers, Food & Jobs Success | comments

You CAN work in Food & Nutrition without having to do years of study. As with any job, the best career path is one that involves small steps.  Start with a short course and a lower level job. Build your knowledge and experience and advance to higher positions. If you are inspired and continue to keep learning, there's nothing stopping you eventually working to the pinnacle of your industry.  In actual fact, the better nutritional scientists are often the ones who take this more considered, step by step approach.


Challenges of being an Adult

By ACS Distance Education on November 26, 2022 in Psychology | comments

Adulthood is the time when most of us encounter death for the first time, marriage, divorce, second families, or career changes.  Adjusting to change is a necessary part of being a healthy and well adjusted adult. For some that is more difficult than others, and sometimes adults need as much help as anyone younger.



What is Academic Education

By ACS Distance Education on November 23, 2022 in Animals & Education | comments

Academic learning focuses on the content, contrasting with vocational learning that focuses on the outcome - improving one's ability to do a jon (ie. vocational improvement).

 Is it the difference between a VET course and a University? Are the differences really that distinct?


Learning to Listen Better

By ACS Distance Education on November 21, 2022 in Education, Jobs Success & Psychology | comments

The best communicators learned how to listen first. By listening carefully, they learned

  • What mattered to the people around them
  • What those people felt about their situations 
  • What words they used to describe themselves and the things or events they care about
  • How to use what they had heard to solve problems

How to become a Hotel Manager

By ACS Distance Education on November 14, 2022 in Careers & Jobs Success | comments

To be successful in Hotel Management, you need more than just a good knowledge of the hotel industry.

You need to develop excellent management, interpersonal and research skills. An effective hotel manager knows how to delegate, but always keeps a close eye on every aspect of the business and is always moving, always in touch with staff and guests.